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CNET Small Business and Startups Forum

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The CNET Small Business and Startups Forum follows a question-and-answer format about technology-related issues, and you can submit your own question or browse through similar topics and threads. It features a wide variety of discussions on operating systems, software and hardware for small businesses, and mobile devices.

The Small Business Computing and Ecommerce Forum deals mostly with computers and technology, as well as ecommerce issues that impact small businesses.

Some small business forums are industry-specific, like ChefTalk, which focuses on the restaurant industry. While the name implies it only pertains to chef’s, the forum on the site actually has sections for many people in the food industry. There are general discussion boards, equipment review discussions, and even discussions specifically for culinary students looking to get into the business.

The QuickBooks Online Community forum is a question-and-answer based community operated by both experts from QuickBooks and customers who are willing to help by sharing their business experiences and solutions. Topics include setting up a company, accounting, sales, dealing with vendors, taxes, and running reports.

The Practical Machinist is a popular virtual bulletin board, claiming to be the “largest manufacturing technology forum on the web” and offering practical advice from other members about business operations, shop management, and owner issues. Besides the forum, this site also has articles and videos on related topics.

While the Warrior Forum is primarily for Internet-based businesses, it’s still a great place for online conversations with other entrepreneurs interested in Internet marketing. Calling themselves warriors, the members here are very open about sharing both their successes and their failures. This site also contains blogs, social groups, and a marketplace where you can advertise your relevant high-quality products.

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