pop'n music 14 FEVER song list (complete)

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pop'n music portable 2 COMPLETE FINAL SONG LIST, I♥pop'n

This is the complete 145 songs song list for the 2011 music video game pop'n music portable 2 for the PSP. As of the fourth paid DLC pack, Konami has ended further DLC support for the game thus making this the first and only complete song list you'll find on YouTube. This game is simply massive it takes just over 20 minutes to get to all the songs in the song list at a glance, thus making this the longest video I ever posted. If you want to skip on to the DLC songs, fast forward the video to 11:10 to start the 60 song DLC. I sorted the video in the ABC manner so the DLC songs are all scattered in terms of appearance on the song list. Unfortunately, 20 of these songs on the DLC package are no longer available to new copies sold of the game as they were originally intended to folks who pre-ordered or purchased the game upon the game's launch.

pop'n music 20 FANTASIA - TV/ANIME Songlist

Quite a bit changed in the ensuing games between PARTY and FANTASIA: -Lots of songs are gone. -A decent amount of songs were added -Zankoku no Tenshi no These now has a new cover version -Honoo no Kinnikuman has a new cover version -Bunch of assorted level changes I will take down this video if prompted by sources. I claim some precedence for this (and possible future songlist) uploads under the classification of archival videos that merely show a game's features/songlist, which is already highly prevalent for pop'n music 19 and more generally for all the other recent mixes, possibly exception of Sunny Park and Lapistoria. Plus, they're a very big thing for BeatMania and DDR (and old pop'n) thanks to users like dancervic, imp95, and delaywailing. Any requests for an HDD in the comments or PMs will get you deleted off the comments/channel-banned.

pop'n music 13 『キャラクターガイド』 part1

pop'n music 13 "Character Guide" Mode です

pop'n music 13 『キャラクターガイド』 part2

pop'n music 13 "Character Guide" Mode 後半です。

Pop'n Music 14 - スーパーマリオブラザーズBGMメドレー (EX, 38).mpg

Now how did THAT get in there? No wonder the PS2 version never had this song!

The complete music of pop'n 14 for the PS2!

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