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Pump It Up - Chimera S16 & S23

Pump It Up NX Yahpp

PIU NX/NX2-Canon D Full Song S16


[Pop'n music S-RAN] Funky sonic world EX


[PUMP IT UP PRIME] Nemesis S16

player:MILLIA in Sanbon Gamepia Arcade Game Center

[PIU Prime] I'm Sorry S16

These are belated uploads of some of the videos I took during the first days of PIU Prime. Back then I was planning to forget about these vids and take new videos with better performance, thinking I would somehow improve my skills later. Turns out I'm just getting out of shape (lol), hence posting these. Hope you still enjoy my videos :) [구독]을 클릭하고 지속적으로 펌프 소식을 받아보세요! SUBSCRIBE and STAY UPDATED with the PIU world! ¡SUSCRÍBANSE y ESTÉN ACTUALIZADOS en el mundo del PIU! * For PIU locations around the world, go visit: http://locations.ph-online.net/ * 국내 펌프 보유 오락실 https://namu.wiki/w/%ED%8E%8C%ED%94%84%20%EC%9E%87%20%EC%97%85/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4%20%EB%B6%84%ED%8F%AC * 국내 지역별 오락실 정보 - 서울: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%84%9C%EC%9A%B8 - 인천: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%9D%B8%EC%B2%9C - 경기: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EA%B2%BD%EA%B8%B0 - 부산: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EB%B6%80%EC%82%B0 - 울산: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%9A%B8%EC%82%B0 - 경남: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EA%B2%BD%EB%82%A8 - 대구: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EB%8C%80%EA%B5%AC - 경북: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EA%B2%BD%EB%B6%81 - 대전: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EB%8C%80%EC%A0%84 - 세종: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%84%B8%EC%A2%85 - 충북: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%B6%A9%EB%B6%81 - 충남: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%B6%A9%EB%82%A8 - 광주: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EA%B4%91%EC%A3%BC - 전북: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%A0%84%EB%B6%81 - 전남: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%A0%84%EB%82%A8 - 강원: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EA%B0%95%EC%9B%90 - 제주: https://namu.wiki/w/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4/%EC%A0%9C%EC%A3%BC [Pump It Up 2015 Prime] CNBLUE - I'm Sorry S16 [펌프잇업 2015 프라임] 씨엔블루 - 아임쏘리 S16

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