SUMENTA Tablets review Ayurvedic Treatment of Anxiety Depression & Mood Fluctuations

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How To Get Rid of Depression / Anxiety Naturally? | Interview of Dr. Madan Gulati (MD-AYURVEDA)

Depression is an ailment that causes continuous sadness. Rather I would say that depression is the opposite of happiness. If we’re depressed constantly for a few days and have no interest in doing any work or talking to someone. We call this disorder as Depression. Read more- Visit this link to know about Dr. Madan Gulati -

Divya Medha vati - Extra power benefits & review

Divya medha vati extra power is a combination of herbal extracts and powders meant for brain nourishment and enhances memory power. Indications - insomnia depression migraine epilepsy weak memory Ingredients - Each 500 mg tablet contains extracts of- Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Ghorbach, Ustekhadus, Ashwagandha, Malkagni, Saunf, Pushkarmool, Gajban and fine powders of - Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Balbach, Shudhbach, Ashwagandha, Malkagni, Shatavar, Sugandhbala, Prawal pishti, Jahar mohra pishti, Mukta pishti Excipients - Gum Acacia, Aerosil, Talcum Dosage - Adult - 2 tablets twice daily Children - 1 tablet twice daily

Ayurveda- Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression- By Dr. Akil Palanisamy

A holistic course by a Harvard trained MD that combines the wisdoms of Western medicine, Ayurveda and integrative medicine to make ensuring mental health, easier and more accessible.

Insight Into Depression - Sadhguru

In this discourse "Insight Into Depression", Sadhguru explains that in most cases of depression a person is simply generating intense thoughts and emotions that are working against them and that in many ways, 70% of all illnesses are self-created. Sadhguru Talks @ Darshan, Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Sep 2010 डिप्रेशन का मूल कारण सद्गुरु डिप्रेशन/अवसाद के मूल कारण बताते हुए कहते हैं कि डिप्रेशन के अधिकतर मामलों में, मनुष्य खुद ही ऐसी गहरी भावनाओं और विचारों को पैदा करता है, जो उसके खिलाफ काम करते हैं, और कई मायनों में सत्तर प्रतिशत बीमारियाँ लोग खुद ही पैदा करते हैं। ****************************************** Transcript: Sadhguru: If you are capable of causing depression to yourself... I’m saying this not without any concern for your illness or not due to lack of compassion, because that is the nature of what’s happening to you. If you’re causing depression to yourself, you are able to generate substantial amount of intense emotions and thoughts, but in the wrong direction. If you don’t have very strong emotions, very intense thoughts about something, you cannot get depressed. It is just that you are generating thoughts and emotion which work against you, not for you. So you are strong enough to cause depression to yourself, because for you to cause a mental illness for yourself… unless you are pathologically ill which is just a small number of people, rest are all self-created. Most of them are self-created. A few are pathologically ill, it’s… they cannot help it. It just comes from within because of genetic and other factors. Almost everybody here, if we train them towards a certain kind of thought process and emotion and push them a little bit with the outside situations, almost everybody will go… lose their mental balance, they will become clinically ill. They can be driven to madness, I’m saying, because the line between sanity and insanity is very thin, people keep pushing it. You get angry, you’re pushing the line; it’s a thin line. In fact when you get angry you know you’re pushing the line, that's why the expression, ‘I was mad at somebody.’ You are not mad at somebody, you’re just going mad. You cannot be mad at somebody, you’re just pushing your sanity, the boundaries of sanity and moving into insanity, for a certain period of time and coming back. You do one thing, every day you try this – 10 minutes a day try intense anger on somebody. You will see in three months’ time, you will be clinically there. Yes. Just try it, if you want. Because if you keep pushing the line – you go mad and you come back, you go mad and you come back – one day you’re not able to come back, that's all. One day you’re not able to turn back, then you’re clinically ill. You must understand even if you got angry for a moment, you’re already ill; maybe you don’t get the certificate of diagnosis, they don’t slap a certificate on you that you’re gone, but you are going, isn't it? You think it’s your right to throw tantrums, you think it’s your right to get angry with people, you think it’s your privilege to be depressed so that you’ll get attention from somebody. You keep playing this, one day you will not able… you will not be able to turn back. Keep crossing the line every day, one day you will see you cannot cross back, that day you need a doctor. Till then everybody needed a respite from you but the day you can't cross back they get the respite, because now they can catch you and give you to a doctor. Otherwise you’re temporarily going mad, every day many times a day, they cannot even send you to an asylum, they have to bear with you - your family, your friends, your people around you. If you get at least truly clinically ill, we can hand you over. There’s one temple in Tamil Nadu, you know? Where they chain you and keep you? Where there’s no hospital. No psychological… Read more at: ****************************************** “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy”, the New York Times Bestseller by yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru, is now available for Amazon Pre-Order in India at **************************************** Download Sadhguru App 📲 Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. More Videos & Blogs on Website Subscribe to our channel here: Free Guided Meditation by Sadhguru at Free Yoga Tools For Transformation at Official Facebook Page of Sadhguru Official Twitter Profile of Sadhguru

These 5 Anxiety Symptoms Often Go Unnoticed

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more fun facts, clever ideas, life hacks, and DIY tips & tricks! You can find the advice from this video on our website or below. Save on Pinterest: Bookmark Article: *********************************************************************** 1. Metallic Flavor in the Mouth — People with anxiety detect bitter and salty flavors at a stronger level. And because anxiety causes bacteria to grow more rapidly, the result is mild bleeding of the gums. While not noticeable to the naked eye, the metallic flavor is unmistakable. 2. Excessive Yawning — According to a British study, cortisol—also known as the stress hormone—increases when we are anxious. Cortisol raises the body's temperature and yawning is a way for the body to cool itself down. 3. Cold Feet — When a human being senses danger, blood flow becomes concentrated in the heart and stomach. As a result, extremities—such as the feet—receive less blood and therefore become cold. 4. Nightmares — Dreams can be manifestations of what's going on in our subconscious. With anxiety, it can happen that we have more nightmares than usual. In that case, it’s necessary to pay attention. 5. Mental Fog — Anxiety can also cause concentration problems. This is why it's often referred to as "mental fog" or "brain fog," because thoughts don't seem real. Many things are happening in the mind at the same time, and so the person is not able to focus on just one thing.

SUMENTA Tablets review Ayurvedic Treatment of Anxiety Depression & Mood Fluctuations
Sumenta Tablets is a mixture of herbal extracts that, according to the manufacturer, can reduce the imbalances in the neurotransmitter levels known to cause mood fluctuations and depression.

These herbal extracts have been proved to be effective in increasing mental faculties while reducing worry and improving the quality of sleep. However, additional research is required in this area. This formula may also alleviate stress and aid intelligence #onlinemedicine,#medicine,#ayurveda,#ayurved ,#Ayurvedic

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