Everybody's gone to the rapture broadcast

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Stop Wavering The Rapture Is Near

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Presented is a Strong Case for a 12-30 2018 rapture but only God Knows

God Has Perfect Timing, Like Clockwork, and Just Like a Perfect Circle or Sphere Is Represented by the Number 360 All praise and glory be to the Father! December 30th, 12 times 30 equals 360 and 2018, twenty times eighteen equals 360. A study of these facts shows a direct correlation of specific key chapters in Bible with degrees in a circle. The 90th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 360th chapters have hidden meaning like degrees in a circle or the hands on a clock. The position of the key planets with regard to the backdrop of the constellation on this date is also very meaningful.

RAPTURE WHAT?! She crazy!

I’ve been getting a lot of hate lately for my views on the Lords coming. That’s ok. I’m not hurt so much but very sad that the body of Christ points fingers and name calls and divides the body. If you have different views, that’s your business. But don’t mock other believers because of it. Stay in your lane then. Blessing to all of you. I love all of you. And Jesus doesn’t love anyone less because of there rapture views. Stay chill. And stay ready all the time for the Lords coming! Keep your lanterns lit 🔥 and keep those robes as spotless as you can. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. ❤️❤️❤️

Dream; Take Refuge from The Coming Judgments .

Taking Refuge in the habitation of the Lord ; Isaiah 26:20 , Psalm 27: 5, Psalm18:16-17, Psalm 91: 4 .

Major Rapture update December 10 2018 the angels are coming now

I like to stream video games!

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