AR-15 "Open Carry" Geoengineering Activist Sets Up The Police And Demands Charges-Investigation

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Open Carry / Police Compilation - Six Dozen Cops (1/2)

A massive compilation of police contact while open carrying: over six dozen officers responding to reports of men and women legally possessing firearms for personal protection and community outreach. While the legal circumstances of each clip in this video is similar, each officer reacts radically differently from the next. The liars, the heroes, and the criminal cops all side by side. The full videos are linked below: Second Compilation: 0:00 - Clifford - 0:40 - Novi I - 3:16 - Southfield - 6:22 - Novi II - 6:44 - Leonard - 7:13 - Lapeer I - 8:53 - Lapeer III - 9:23 - Sterling Heights - 10:48 - Wixom - 11:12 - West Bloomfield - 11:48 - Dundee - 12:14 - Taylor - 13:22 - Pontiac - 13:40 - Roseville - 14:13 - Orchard Lake - 14:50 - Oak Park - 15:14 - Detroit I - 16:19 - Detroit II - 16:31 - Detroit III - 17:35 - Muskegon - 19:40 - Grand Rapids II - 20:26 - Detroit VI - 21:36 - Detroit VIII (MSNBC) - 22:31 - Detroit IX -

Orgonite - How To Make And Build Your Own Orgone Energy Devices "Tower Busters"

Part 2. Pt 1-link below - Protection against today's Evil technology, for TI's,Smart-meters,WiFi,5G,Frequencies,Chemtrails,Dark and Negative Energy etc. If your looking for some protection,here's a simple way to build some extra strength TB's "tower busters" These are not made for looks and are fairly cheap to build with just a few things. These will help protect you,your loved ones and all living things in the area while helping to clean the toxic air were all breathing from geoengineering programs,microwave radiation,negative energy etc. This is the basic's,nothing fancy. If your looking for something beautiful and exotic don't waste your time watching this video. There are allot of good Orgonite channels on YouTube out there that can show you how to build some beautiful pieces. These are made for protection not looks.. Part 1-Crystals-Protection For TI's From Smart-meters--WiFi-5G--Frequencies-Chemtrails-Dark Energy

Finally! My arrest video in Chesterfield Va | Failed Audit - OAP

Chesterfield Va Bodycam: From the Department of Homeland Security memo HQ-ORO-002-2018 released recently: For properties under the protective jurisdiction of FPS, there are currently no general security regulations prohibiting exterior photography of any federally owned or leased building, absent a written local rule or regulation established by a Court Security Committee or, in limited cases, a Facility Security Committee. Furthermore, it is important to understand that 41 CFR 102-74.420 does not prohibit photography by individuals of the exterior of federally owned or leased facilities. Rather, this regulation describes when an individual may photograph the interior of federally buildings, i.e., "space occupied by a tenant agency" or "building entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors, or auditoriums." *Therefore, absent reasonable suspicion or probable cause indicating criminal activity, law enforcement and security personnel must allow individuals to photograph the exterior of federally owned or leased facilities from publicly accessible spaces, such as streets, sidewalks, parks, and plazas even if federally owned or leased.* This video was taken back in November and I have been sitting on it awaiting the outcome of my criminal charges. Even though I know I would have been able to beat it I do not have the time nor the money to fight this. The deal was good and I won't miss any more days from work over this. Those claiming I "damaged people's rights" by taking a deal don't know that the local district court is not a court of record. No rights are damaged. If you'd like to donate you can click the PayPal link below. Thanks for your support. I also would like to remind everyone that I am still in a lawsuit with the Pennsylvania State Police from over 3 years ago.

Olmos Park,Tx.-Open Carry w/SouthSideSlakr210 P and P News TxSheepDog72

While in San Antonio recently I had the chance to hang out with TxSheepDog72,P and P News and SouthSideSlakr210. This video depicts what we found when we visited Olmos Park-a small town known for Tyranny near San Antonio. Donate to the cause and help keep me on the road-just follow one of these links (THANKS!!!)= or if you like PayPal use email address

10 year old films border patrol checkpoint refusal

March 11 2016 - First off,I have no issues with the deputy in this video,he is one of the few members of law enforcement around here that I haven't given up hope on yet,and pray that one day he will do whats right for his family and all life.
The other two officers I do have issues with but God will judge them,not me.
Fact-The constitution does not apply in the United States Of America Inc,and we have NO Rights anymore .But it's funny how if someone accuses you "citizens" of a crime you are either arrested or ticketed with No evidence against you and No investigation.
Do not fear the Police State people "at least til 5G goes live" call them out even if they refuse to do they're JOB or uphold they're OATH ...

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