AR-15 "Open Carry" Geoengineering Activist Sets Up The Police And Demands Charges-Investigation

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police report vs. video of Olmos Park open carry arrests

Showing the lies told by Olmos Park police department in their police report while attempting to justify the arrests of Jim Everard and CJ Grisham. Included is the phone call between CJ Grisham and the Olmos Park chief of police.

Finally! My arrest video in Chesterfield Va | Failed Audit - OAP

Chesterfield Va Bodycam: This video was taken back in November and I have been sitting on it awaiting the outcome of my criminal charges. Even though I know I would have been able to beat it I do not have the time nor the money to fight this. The deal was good and I won't miss any more days from work over this. Those claiming I "damaged people's rights" by taking a deal don't know that the local district court is not a court of record. No rights are damaged. If you'd like to donate you can click the PayPal link below. Thanks for your support. I also would like to remind everyone that I am still in a lawsuit with the Pennsylvania State Police from over 3 years ago.

Central Falls Police harass driver and myself for recording


I went to the same Walmart OCing. I was with my brother and told him to be ready to record if something happens. And no, i was not looking for trouble, I didn't get what i was shopping for the day before. As I approached the entrance, there was a different officer from last night, standing right side. I grabbed a shopping cart and I walked in through the doors, and hear behind me "keep your hands where there are." I don't move, leave my hands on cart, and he grabs my right wrist and puts pressure for me to keep holding the cart and DISARMS ME. I told my brother to record and when the video starts he see the cop taking the gun CT STATE POLICE OPEN CARRY MEMO **Update: 7/19/2013** Police complaint goes nowhere as expected.

Open Carry Harassment/Malicious arrest attempt by Sun Metro bus Security El Paso TX

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention from a viewer that the Lieutenants name is ROBERT HATKE. I could not make it out when producing this video and it sounds correct. Thanks David! Also if you think this video was extreme, check this one out UPDATE: Sorry for the late attachment of this link but check this out. Tell me where it say's I have committed a crime, broke policy and anything the guards claimed against me. You already know my response to loitering so please do not mention that one, see for yourself and look all around the site. Also here is Ruiz Protective Services website UPDATE: Visit to Sun Metro HQ: The Sequel, has been uploaded. Please use this link UPDATE: Thank you all who are being supportive. I was not sure how this video would be received and it means alot to me that the people understand what is wrong with those who are charged with our protection, safety and earning our respect while acting out their roles as Public Servants. These power people tend to get lost in the idea that they should automatically become ABOVE the rest of us and that is where they need a reality check. As for those who are not so happy with this vid or my other content, well you are entitled to your opinion. Thank you all and remember, you too have the power. PART 1 OF 2 I had been visiting this bus terminal in West El Paso TX for many months on a consistent basis. During this time I never had any guard approach me for any reason at all. Not even friendly conversation in which they love to do all day with the bus riders. I open carry my weapon there all the time with just a few instances I had carried concealed and that was just preference. At no time was it ever brought to my attention that I was causing alarm with my pistol nor that I was having numerous negative contacts with the guards. Never kicked out, never had cops called on me. One day I had to file a complaint against one of the guards because he did not want to help me with a serious issue I had endured at the hands of a pervert in the restroom. The guard did not want to make a report, follow up, nothing. This guard is one of two guards who always gave me ugly looks and constantly made me feel as if they were watching me and I felt simply because I carry my firearm and openly. So when I brought a legitimate concern to his attention, he wasted no time in throwing me to the lions. He told me there was nothing he could do because he was not a witness to what happened, said that he is only there to help with emergencies such as someone on the floor bleeding and when I told him " you are security, you are sposed to secure " he then responded " well that is only for people who ride the bus, you don't ride the bus ". Needless to say I filed a formal complaint against him and as soon as these guards heard about it, they began harrassing me with time limits and kicking me off public property while I was doing nothing wrong. When I stood up for myself they decided to escalate and make up all kinds of accusations towards me. Before I knew it I had the Lieutenant trying to shit on me and eventually called the cops with a plan to have me maliciously arrested. The initial reason he told me he called the cops was ONLY for loitering and refusing to leave. When the cops got there, they told me they got a man with a gun call and that I was alarming people and even getting into arguments with security and brandishing my weapon from concealment in a manner to cause alarm and intimidate them. All these accusations are false and I was forced to deal with a situation that put my freedom on the line for the purpose of satisfying these criminal security guards' malicious agenda for payback in regards to my legitimate complaint against the guard. The following video is a representation of how another source of protection for the people in a public safe place, can turn into dangerous criminals with retaliation in their hearts. So not only do I have to worry about bad cops and lying citizens while I am enjoying my day of freedom, but I have to worry about security guards trying to ruin my life as well. All for using free wifi provided by the city and minding my own business not hurting nor intentionally bothering anyone.

March 11 2016 - First off,I have no issues with the deputy in this video,he is one of the few members of law enforcement around here that I haven't given up hope on yet,and pray that one day he will do whats right for his family and all life.
The other two officers I do have issues with but God will judge them,not me.
Fact-The constitution does not apply in the United States Of America Inc,and we have NO Rights anymore .But it's funny how if someone accuses you "citizens" of a crime you are either arrested or ticketed with No evidence against you and No investigation.
Do not fear the Police State people "at least til 5G goes live" call them out even if they refuse to do they're JOB or uphold they're OATH ...

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