AR-15 "Open Carry" Geoengineering Activist Sets Up The Police And Demands Charges-Investigation

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guns pulled on on open carry group

We want by the Canada border

Open Carry Florida: Police Interaction at Sandsprit Park Stuart, Florida

Went to Sandsprit Park in Stuart, FL and fished around the park for about an hour before work. FWC and Martin County Sheriff Departments were at the park hanging out checking to make sure everyone was staying with in Florida Laws even me. For my first interaction with police these officers were very professional and knowledgeable of Florida Statute 790.25 (3)(h) and I was glad I wasn't going to jail. I am concerned that the FWC officer said i need a shoreline license (which is free for florida residents) to fish from land but I have purchased a $17.00 Saltwater Fishing License and Snook Permit. Which I thought covered from land and boat. I think he was giving me a little harassment but I had to go to work so i did not fight him about it.

AR Open Carry Goliad 03-13-17


West Ohio Minutemen Patrol Cleveland, OH for the RNC 2016

Florida Cop Says I must Conceal My Spare Pistol Magazine

A police officer asked me if I was carrying concealed today and I said “of course”. Then she went on to tell me that my spare magazine being exposed is illegal. I literally laughed at her! There are three possible reasons she told me that: 1. She really don’t know the law. 2. She wanted me to be worried she was correct and just leave. 3. She thought it was a firearm. But based on the fact that I am at home and not in a holding cell at the jail I think it was number 2. LEO- learn the laws! Especially if it is in the same statute what allows you to open carry as a police officer. FFS! This is a small part of the full video here:

March 11 2016 - First off,I have no issues with the deputy in this video,he is one of the few members of law enforcement around here that I haven't given up hope on yet,and pray that one day he will do whats right for his family and all life.
The other two officers I do have issues with but God will judge them,not me.
Fact-The constitution does not apply in the United States Of America Inc,and we have NO Rights anymore .But it's funny how if someone accuses you "citizens" of a crime you are either arrested or ticketed with No evidence against you and No investigation.
Do not fear the Police State people "at least til 5G goes live" call them out even if they refuse to do they're JOB or uphold they're OATH ...

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