Universal Pictures (1983)

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DTmesS: The Original Classic - plus Universal/Columbia (1997)

"This happens. There really should be a mechanism in there that stops that from happening. ...but completely representative of the kind of thing people had back in the day, unfortunately ." -Techmoan, 2016 DTS/Dolby Digital/SDDS were pretty unkind to movies in the '90s. Films often cheapened out because of the cost. Exceptions are stuff like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, and a few others. (Well Mostly SDDSed things weren't all THAT bad) Alternate Dream Logo Variation nicknames are "DTS goes Toonami", "The Digital Eagle Experience", "Long Deep Note Tex", "2012ed Universal of the '90s" and "Pixar Cube of Doom". Pattern goes from: Jonathan Froes DTS PSFC1 BD Pixar Jonathon Froes THX 1990s Universal Jonathan Froes Columbia

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment (2015)

"Minions" (2015). Variation of "Pitch Perfect", this time the minions are singing the theme which continues into the Illumination Entertainment logo.

Universal Pictures (2005)

Taken from "Jarhead" (2005). (C) 2005 Universal Pictures / Red Wagon Entertainment / Neal Street Productions / Motion Picture KAPPA Produktionsgesellschaft (C) 2008 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Universal Cartoon Studios (1993)

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Shaky print, from "Phantasm II"

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