Pump it up, Fiesta 2, UCS - Reality

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Jboy D1 - D27 Marathon!

First part is here if you really want to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/kittycatastrophe/v/7967327 This is the D13-D27 part! Got some pretty good scores and I finished it without quitting, so I'd call that a success! Thanks for everyone who came to hang out, this was really fun! Songs played: Turkey March ~minimal tunes~ DP1 SS! Reality DP2 SS! Overblow DP3 SS! U Got Me Rockin D4 SS! Naissance2 DP5 SS! Love is a Danger Zone D6 SS! Butterfly D7 SS! Meteorize D8 Gold S 1 great! Tepris D9 SS! Log-In D10 SS! Lucid (PIU Edit) D11 Gold S 3 greats! Latino Virus D12 Gold S 3 greats! Hypnosis (synthwulf remix) D13 Gold S 2 greats! Toccatta D14 Gold S 6 greats! Maria D15 SS! Unique D16 SS! ignis fatuus D17 Blue S 6 greats 2 goods! Follow Me D18 SS! Beat of the War D19 Gold S 2 greats! Love is a Danger Zone D20 Gold S 1 great! Red Swan D21 A 3 misses! Pavane D22 A 5 misses! Requiem D23 A 17 misses! LIADZ ~cranky remix~ D24 Gold S 3 greats! Yog-Sothoth D25 A 35 misses! Cleaner D26 A 71 misses! Vacuum Cleaner D27 A 109 misses! -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/kittycatastrophe

[Pump It Up Prime] UCS - Vacuum (진공) CO-OP DP??

Player : MANWOL, PAKKU, KIMNG, 바하뮤트, MB UCS by : RAULCAMOV 대구 로얄게임장

[Pump It Up Prime] UCS - Rock the House (락 더 하우스) CO-OP DP??


Maker : J.K.D.
Player : J.K.D.

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