Pump it up, Fiesta 2, UCS - Reality

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Pump it up, Fiesta 2, UCS - Ignis Fatuus, Double 24 (AKZ)

변속을 마스터 하던가, 계단을 조금더 요령있게 처리 하던가 둘중 하나만 하면 UCS 게이지라도 깰거같다 후후후후후


Credits to Youngje, Erick, Toby, Millia and Doin 유튜브 최대 펌프 채널입니다. [구독]을 클릭하고 펌프 소식을 받아보세요! ● Specializes in the dance game Pump It Up. SUBSCRIBE and STAY UPDATED with the PIU world! ● Este canal se especializa en el juego de baile Pump It Up. ¡SUSCRÍBANSE y ESTÉN ACTUALIZADOS en el mundo del PIU! ● YouTubeの最大PIUチャンネルです。購読して色々なPIUのビデオとニュースを取得してください! [Pump It Up 2015 Prime] [펌프잇업 2015 프라임] Update / Patch 1.18 1. New Songs 1) Song : Removable Disk0 Artist : Doin BPM : 130 Default step chart : S03, S06, S15, D05, D16 2) Song : Sora no shirabe Artist : TatshMusicCircle BPM : 172 Default step chart : S03, S08, S12, S15, D11, D16 Unlock step chart : S??, D?? 3) Song : PARADOXX Artist : SLAM & NATO BPM : 220 Default step chart : S21 Unlock step chart : S??, S?? 2. Quest zone 1) Song : Final Audition Step chart : S09, S15, S17, S18 2) Song : Take me back Step chart : S07, S09, S17, S18 3) Song : Monolith Step chart : S05, S09, S16, S20 4) Song : Rock the house Step chart : S07, S10, S17, S21 5) Song : Rock hill Step chart : S11, S16, D18, D23 3. Unlocked Step charts 1) Song : Red Snow Step chart : S19 Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------- * For PIU locations around the world, go visit: https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/arcades.php * 국내 펌프 보유 오락실 https://namu.wiki/w/%ED%8E%8C%ED%94%84%20%EC%9E%87%20%EC%97%85/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4%20%EB%B6%84%ED%8F%AC

[Pump It Up Prime] UCS - Vacuum (진공) CO-OP DP??

Player : MANWOL, PAKKU, KIMNG, 바하뮤트, MB UCS by : RAULCAMOV 대구 로얄게임장

Pump It Up Infinity - Mawaru Infinity S17 - 10650 ratings

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[Pump It Up Prime] UCS - Rock the House (락 더 하우스) CO-OP DP??


Maker : J.K.D.
Player : J.K.D.

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