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Evolution of Title Screens in Pop'n Music series (1998-2018) - 20th Anniversary Special

Compilation of all title screens from Japan-favorite one of BEMANI series ever made by Konami, Starting in 1998 with Pop'n Music until 2018 with Pop'n Music: The Rabbit, The Cat and The Boy's Dream, to all of Pop'n fans everywhere for 20th anniversary celebration. Even for those of you remember the playable kitty character Nyami in 2001 racing game for GBA, Konami Krazy Racers, this is just for you to see where she appeared from. Now compiled in glorious 720p HD! 00:48 - pop'n music (1998 - Arcade, PS1, Dreamcast, Japan and Asia) 01:10 - pop'n music (1998 - Arcade, PS1, Dreamcast, Japan) 01:33 - pop'n music (1998 - Arcade, PS1, Dreamcast, Japan) 01:58 - pop'n stage (1999 - Arcade, Japan) 02:12 - pop'n music 4 (2000 - Arcade, PS1, Dreamcast, Japan) 02:37 - pop'n music GB (2000 - GBC, Japan) 03:01 - pop'n music MICKEY TUNES / DISNEY TUNES (2000 - Arcade, PS1, Japan) 04:12 - pop'n music Animelo (2000 - Arcade, PS1, Japan) 04:35 - pop'n music Animelo 2 (2000 - Arcade, Japan) 04:50 - pop'n music GB アニメーションメロディ (2000 - GBC, Japan) 05:14 - pop'n music GB Disney Tunes (2000 - GBC, Japan) 05:42 - pop'n music 5 (2000, 2001 - Arcade, PS1, Japan) 06:03 - pop'n music 6 (2001, 2002 - Arcade, PS1, Japan) 07:34 - pop'n music 7 (2001, 2002 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 08:37 - pop'n music 8 (2002, 2003 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 09:43 - pop'n music 9 (2002, 2004 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 10:13 - pop'n music Best Hits! (2003 - PS2, Japan) 11:17 - pop'n music 10 (2003, 2004 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 11:49 - pop'n 対戦ぱずるだま (2004 - PS2, Japan) 12:20 - pop'n music 11 (2004, 2005 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 12:50 - pop'n music 12 いろは (2004, 2006 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 13:22 - pop'n music 13 カーニバル (2005, 2006 - Arcade, PS2, Japan) 13:57 - pop'n music 14 FEVER! (2006, 2007 - Arcade, PS2, Japan, Korea and US) 14:28 - pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE (2007 - Arcade, Japan) 15:03 - pop'n music 16 PARTY♪ (2008 - Arcade, Japan and US) 15:32 - pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE (2009 - Arcade, Japan and US) 15:54 - pop'n music / pop'n rhythm (2009 - Wii, Japan, US, UK) 16:32- pop'n music portable (2010 - PSP, Japan) 17:02 - うたっち (2010 - DS, Japan) 17:46 - pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 (2010 - Arcade, Japan and US) 18:15- pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET (2010 - Arcade, Japan and US) 18:41 - pop'n music portable 2 (2011 - PSP, Japan) 19:09 - pop'n music 20 fantasia (2011 - Arcade, Japan and US) 19:35 - pop'n music Sunny Park (2012 - Arcade, Japan and Asia) 20:07 - pop'n music ラピストリア (2014 - Arcade, Japan, Korea, US and UK) 20:30 - pop'n music éclale (2015 - Arcade, Japan, Korea, US) 20:51 - pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢 (2016 - Arcade, Japan and Korea) Missing Title Screen Footage: pop'n music Be-Mouse (2007 - PC, Japan only) pop'n music mobile (2008 - Mobile, Korea only) pop'n music mobile 2 Carnival (2009 - Mobile, Korea only) pop'n music M (2011 - Mobile, Japan only) HELLO! POP'N MUSIC (2011 - Arcade) pop'n rhythmin (2013 - iOS, Japan only) Capture Footage: UkyoIIDX573 Adam Kędzior InsertMoreCoinsblog IMC Mamon Star Projects XcheTO NU MOBILE&RHYTHM GAME Olivia Smith iMp95 sabretooth1100 Muffin Man Console Gameplays sashimisubs NST Bemani Gaming Pop'n Music 20th Anniversary logo was created by MamonStar761 using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Mamon Star Projects has compiled and made using Bandicam, VisualBoyAdvance, PCSX2 and MAGIX Vegas Pro 13 for fair use. No copyright infringement is intended. Compilation (c) 2018 Mamon Star Projects, A member of the Powerhouse of Entertainment (POE.) Company All title screens from Pop'n Music (c) 1998-2018 Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami Amusement. Additional Tags: ポップンミュージック, 팝앤 뮤직, Animation Melody, アニメロ, Iroha, Carnival, Sengoku Retsuden, Lapistoria, Lapis, Usagi to Neko to Shonen no Yume, The Rabbit, The Cat and The Boy's Dream, Steampunk, Arcade, Rhythm, DDR, Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, IIDX, Sound Voltex, SDVX, jubeat, jukebeat, REFLEC BEAT, BeatStream, MUSECA, Metal Gear Solid, MGS, Super Bomberman R, Taisen Puzzle Dama, Utacchi, Lunatic Rave 2, LR2, Feeling PoMu, osu!, Taiko Drum Master, Taiko No Tatsujin, DJ Max, Respect, Musync, Musynx, GUMI, Project Diva, Project Mirai, Disney, Tsum Tsum,, Rhythm Heaven Tengoku, Disney Interactive, e-AMUSEMENT, Sony, PlayStation 1, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo, Game Boy Color, Wii, PSOne, PlayStation 2,

[Pop'n Music 22 ラピストリア] FLOWER (TRANCE CORE) EX



Disclaimer: This song is copyrighted by Konami, therefore, I do not own this audio. Requested by MMbadgerboy. ~~~ Song Name: Soul On Fire Artist: L.E.D.-G VS GUHROOVY fw NO+CHIN Genre: LOUD MIXTURE RAGGA Game the Song Came From: ポップンミュージック 15 冒険 (Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?68h0natz7tjwwv3 ~~~ Lyrics: Yah man,Wah a gween? 音ゲーマニア This is the pop'n music fever! Riddimに合わせて You must ひたすら打って打って打ちまくれ! It's party ,So 誰もがヒーローになれるGame ごぞんじL.E.D.-G,GUHROOVYY,alongside N+C 誰も敵わない 文句ない 最強タッグ ちょいとここでBreak Are you ready to rock!? ついて来いよぶっといKick!! L to the E to the D to the G. Make you Phat! Make you Fun! Guh to the R to the doubleO,V,Y. GUHROOVY in your face! On fire! She ask me "you on fire?" Damn right! Beware of fire Soul a flame,light my lyrical candle Spirit of flame,war is the gamble 1 for the game 2 for the ROCKs 3 for the game again let's go! Make it now. Sing it now. Shake it and Break it! Right here right now come with us OA! Press the button,you're addicted Proceed with caution like mama said Like I said before soul's on fire No punk kid's gonna break my style The harder it gets! Are you ready to ROCK? The harder it gets! The harder it gets! Are you ready to ROCK? I want your fire. Take me to the higher. Make! Sing! Shake! Break! I want your fire. Take me to the higher. Make! Sing! Shake! Break it now! Right here right now!

Pop'n music portable 2 Ska Ska No.3 HYPER

Nishizaka or Goto (pop'n music animation)

aka YaaY or IeeI some random gmod based filler SeeS or SooS meme about two different voices of nyami Nozomi Nishizaka in PoMu Portable 1 and Marina Goto in PoMu Portable 2, starring PSP Nyami and Sunny Park Nyami. I prefer Goto which is very current. some video response to Ruiyabi. Inspired by ugotaphonenumber Music: Pop'n Music Portable - Main Menu (vibrato/reversed) Pop'n Music Sunny Park - Results (vibrato/reversed) Mamon Star Projects has made with Paint.NET and MAGIX Vegas Pro 13 for fair use. No copyright infringement is intended. (c) 2018 Mamon Star Projects Nyami from Pop'n Music (c) 1998-2018 Konami Digital Entertainment.


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