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Annihilator Method S23 | PUMP IT UP PRIME 2 (2018) Patch 2.02

PUMP IT UP PRIME 2 Patch 2.02 ■ Song: Annihilator Method ■ Difficulty: S23 (Single 23) ■ Artist: DM Ashura ■ Player: CONCEC / CHUVO Normal Judgement [VIETNAM] ► Follow our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bosspiuvnpumpitupteamofficial/ ► Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/BOSS_PIUVN ► Follow Smurf's Town Gamezone (LANG XI TRUM) Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LangXiTrumNowzone/ ► More PIU artworks here, Please visit and like page: Gyo Design+ https://www.facebook.com/GyoDesigns/ Step-art Line: https://www.facebook.com/stepartline/ https://stepart-line.deviantart.com/ *** BOSS_PIUVN Team ***

[PIU UCS] 누가 기침소리를 내었는가 (궁예) D25

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[Pms lv.49] Paranoia ~HADES~

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펌프 최고난도 채보 세계최초 클리어 (FEFEMZ - PARADOXX D28)

What a historic play by FEFEMZ! 역사에 길이 남을 펌프 최고난도 채보 세계최초 클리어 영상 PLAYER : FEFEMZ (윤상연) MUSIC : MAX & NATO - PARADOXX (1950 + Yog Sothoth) LEVEL : DOUBLE 28 (the hardest chart on Pump It Up) --------------------------------------------------------- [PUMP IT UP 2017: PRIME 2] [펌프잇업 2017 프라임2] 유튜브 최대 펌프 채널입니다. [구독]을 클릭하고 고퀄리티 펌프자료를 받아보세요! ● Specializes in the dance game Pump It Up. SUBSCRIBE and STAY UPDATED with the PIU world! ● Este canal se especializa en el juego de baile Pump It Up. ¡SUSCRÍBANSE y ESTÉN ACTUALIZADOS en el mundo del PIU!

[PIU UCS] Maria S20



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