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NERF vs BOOMCO: Unboxing WAR!

Nerf vs Boomco! A war between nerf guns and boomco blasters in this unboxing video! Subscribe! But this is no regular toy unboxing video... it's a crazy Nerf war too! Let's face it, unboxing videos are boring as crap... but not when GunVsGun does them! Things get wild around here. What Nerf blaster and which Boomco gun are we unboxing? Check it out... -Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Abolisher ZR-800 Blaster -Boomco Mad Slammer About GunVsGun Nerf War Videos: We are the wildest and most epic Nerf video channel on YouTube. If you love action and Nerf guns, you will love GunVsGun. Our Nerf wars are crazy. We have a massive Nerf arsenal which makes our battles always interesting. We use the Illegal Nerf Gun Mod which makes our foam blasters more dangerous than airsoft guns... or real machine guns for that matter. We don't stick strictly to Nerf guns though (as you can see in this video)... Hasbro doesn't pay us so we're free to use Boomco blasters, X-shot guns, BuzzBee guns, whatever we feel like. Hell we even made a Lego gun once! Q&A: How big is your Nerf Arsenal? We lost count. Too many blasters than anyone should have. We have everything from the old school stuff to the N-Strike Elite line (Rapidstrike, Strongarm, etc), to the Nerf Zombie guns, to the Mega line like the Centurion, to the Nerf Rival line for adults. Should I learn how to mod a Nerf gun? No, It's too dangerous. Don't try this at home. What's your favorite Nerf blaster? We're old school. Tommy likes the Nerf Maverick and Danny digs the Deploy. Nerf War videos: Nerf Gun unboxing and reviews: Visit our channel for all our Nerf videos: Social Media: Twitter Tommy: Danny: Google+


Nerf War: SWAT Team by GunVsGun! Nerf gun battle with nerf guns! Like other crazy Nerf wars, Tommy and Danny get into a SWAT team battle each with a custom Nerf gun mod. This crazy Nerf War with modded Nerf guns is an epic fight. Subscribe for more Nerf War videos! SUBSCRIBE: Nerf Blasters used by GunVsGun in this Nerf Video: -Nerf Sig Sauer Mod on a Modulus gun -Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike Nerf videos (playlists): Nerf War: First Person Shooter videos... Nerf war videos... Nerf Gun Unboxing and Review videos... Nerf war Gun baby... Until next time, enjoy this kid friendly nerf war video by GunVsGun!

NERFpocalypse War!

Nerf Vs. GunVsGun - War between Nerf and GunVsGun has reached its ultimate violent stage. Nerf Corp. sends a Drone to the house do their dirty work. Do the Bros have what it takes to take it down? Will this be the end of GunVsGun? Will this be the end of NERF? Is this Apocalypse? Watch and find out! NERFPocalypse 2: NERFPocalypse 3: Subscribe to our weekly videos!! Nerf Guns Used: N-Strike Retaliator, Maverick Custom Guns Used: Nerf Grenade Launcher Featuring a brand new Nerf weapon: Nerf Drone Os9.0 Watch this episode and more in our Brutal Nerf War playlist - Visit our channel for more videos:


Subscribe to GunVsGun videos!! Plasma Gun is featured in this GunVsGun Nerf Battle. Danny can never have peace while his nOOb brother is roaming around the house. This time things escalate quickly over some leftover Halloween candy. GunVsGun brings you another epic Nurf video! Click and Watch the Madness! Featured Blaster: Transformers Allspark Blaster aka Plasma Gun! Our Brutal Nerf War playlist: Visit our channel for more videos:


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Tommy makes one big mistake when he enters Danny's kitchen while he's on "Da nOOb Watch". Could this escalate into another Nerf War!! One thing is for sure, it get heated and when there's heat, only one blaster can cool things down - Nerf Freeze Fire. Watch and find out how it all goes down.

Nerf Guns used in this GunVsGun episode: Triad EX-3 Blaster, Nerf Super Soaker FREEZE Fire

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