Warner Bros. Pictures (1929-1935)

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Warner Bros. Pictures logos (1998 & 1999 shield variations)

-PLEASE READ DESCROPTION BEFORE COMMENTING- Here are the Warner Bros. Pictures logos from 1998 to 2018. The logo is from 75 Years, the word "Entertaining The World" fades in and the word "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" byline fades in below. The logo is from 1999, removed "75 Years" and "Entertaining The World", the storm clouds on the sky is removed a long year ago. The logo is from 2001, "An AOL TimeWarner Company" fades in below. The logo is from 2003 (prototype byline), disappeared "An AOL" to "Time Warner Company". The logo is from 2003, "A TimeWarner Company" is in a diferent font. The logo is from 2011, this logo is from "Dolphin Tale". The logo is from 2016, the logo is from the Warner Animation Group logo and from a "SVG" file. "A" and "Company" are in Gotham Light font. The logo is from 2016 "TWE byline" the logo used the TimeWarner Entertainment byline. The logo is from 2018, "TimeWarner" is changed to "WarnerMedia" Inspired by and special thanks to WarnerMedia and other buddies.

Warner Bros. Pictures logo (1937) [debut]

Includes "The End" with cast credits. According to CLG Wiki, the 1937/38 WB logo made its first appearance in "Tovarich" [released on December 25, 1937]. Well, I found the movie :-D

Buddy the Gee Man (1935): Original opening and closing titles [True HQ]

Full cartoon [credit goes to WB/Turner]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwXvmJ0ig4-gclMxX1pGYlVvSUk *Read description* | Many apologies for the WB logo being missing from this print. It seems to follow much like the title cards featuring Beans the Cat, since this was the final Buddy cartoon I found this cartoon, in high quality, lying in the far reaches of the Internet. The cartoon is a Looney Tunes short featuring the series' flamboyant regular character, Buddy. Buddy had polarized contemporary audiences and still continues to raise the question of how he replaced his precursor, Bosko, in such a dash; and how he had failed to give Leon Schlesinger the box office success that Bosko had succumbed. Well, 'Gee Man', released on August 24, 1935, was the final cartoon to star Buddy, before being dethroned by the more successful Beans, the self-proclaimed leader of the "Boston Beans" [said in "Hollywood Capers" (October 19, 1935)], and then eventually Porky Pig :-D

A First National 'Vitaphone' Picture / First National Pictures logos (1929/1924) [True HQ]

Video has been edited | *RARE* Sourced from a restored print of "Weary River" (February 10, 1929). First National was acquired by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1928, after a decade as an operating film studio. This film was one of FN's first to use the Vitaphone film-on-disc sound process.

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