O Impossível - Cena do Tsunami (Dublado); The Impossible/Tsunami Scene (CC Eng Sub) HD

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The Impossible (Reunion)

A miracle after the catastrophe. A belief to reunion with your beloved ones. (Un milagro después de la catástrofe. La creencia de que la reunión con sus seres queridos.)

Quando de repente vem aquela onda...

Quando você tranquilo e vem aquela onda inesperada na praia . Muito Obrigado por Assistir *-* ATIVE O SININHO E SEJA O PRIMEIRO A VER O VÍDEO :) *Deixe um Joinha *Inscreva-se no Canal *e Compartilhe -

Hoover Dam Collapse from San Andreas

One more thing to be afraid of when you to step out the door today. For you fans of Plane Wrecks and Nick Cage try my vid https://youtu.be/VTI6UvAlaZk plus a groovy tune by NIN for the youngsters gee Knowing was kind of interesting if you want to see the world end, etc.

Tidal Wave movie Main Tsunami Scene

All rights to respective owners, I Do Not Own The Copyright. DARKWORLD: THE WAVE NOTE:: These "cut-ups" are appropriated found imagery that re-contextualises known narratives to recreate a new commentary (this is contemporary art practice, not unlike Andy Warhol)) on the future end of the world-God will seek justice to ALL unrighteous believe me and it is coming soon..... Really do appreciate the positive people who have commented and I thank you for that. D A R K W O R L D IS C O M I N G....... Look up for your doom is near...... . http://thedarkworldproject1.wixsite.com/home ***UPDATE: I have a new video called DARKWORLD THE FALL. I have decided to post up my music called D A R K W O R L D : A F T E R M A T H Sequence One....it has my poetry on it and my music so I have put it to the clips I have used on this channel.. D A R W O R L D music can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/user-706237067 I really hope you visit these sites..God Bless all of you and my many thousands of subscribers.. I wish I could talk to ALL of you!!

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The Impossible.
O Impossível.

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