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The Real Fight Starts Now! Jiren overwhelmed By Goku! (ENG SUB)

From Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Like & sub!!

Laxus vs Jura (vs Orga) full fight

So i've been trying to find a full fight between Laxus and Jura for a while, but without luck so... thought i'd make one myself xD (first time making something like this ^0^) I own nothing xD

Whis: Goku "dives into a STATE DEEPER THAN INSTINCT" !! (ENG SUB)

From Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Like & Sub!!

غوكو يجلد جيرين : دراغون بول سوبر

مقطع الاصلي https://youtu.be/k-xhYEPZBT8

5 Times Villains Got Scared Of Goku In Dragon Ball History

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From Dragon Ball Super (DBS) Episode 128

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