Universal Pictures (1936-1946)

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Barney and Friends (2002-2015) PBS Kids Sprout Version

Universal Release 1972 w/ Fanfare

Hey all, my first logo video mash-up in over a year. Remember that "Universal Pictures 1982 w/ Fanfare" logo I uploaded way back when? Well, this was another idea I had at the time but never got around to doing... until now. The "A Universal Release" variant of the same logo, from 1972, with the 1936 and 1941 logos' themes mixed together as a custom soundtrack. Special thanks, once again, to LogicSmash for the logo, and to CPvStock for providing the logo themes. Enjoy!

(FAKE) TriStar Pictures (2022) Logo Remake (40 Years Variant)

All redone in Blender and Sony Vegas. I was thinking of creating an fake logo. So I came up with an idea of creating an future TriStar Pictures logo which I predict to be unveiled in 2022, celebrating 40 years since it was established in 1982. The Clouds (including the middle one) are recreated from scratch in Pixlr Editor online, then diving them into pieces, and animate them as a moving background (ala the 1993 Columbia Pictures Logo). The Pegasus was basically an reused horse model from the real logo remakes, but altered to match Alan Reingold's artwork, and rigged it, but the animation looks similar to the 1993 logo. The TriStar text were recreated in Blender also, and animated in Sony Vegas with the Light rays effects. The "40 Years" text were done in Sony Vegas and animated. The magic dust, the horse neighing, and the fog cloud sound effects were added in to make it realistic. I combined two TriStar Pictures themes (1993 them, and the re-arrange 1998 theme) if you listen carefully. Special Effects were added into the background and some elements by using Sony Vegas. This is just my prediction of whenever TriStar Pictures might unveil an new logo.

Universal Pictures 1936-1947 logo remake by Ethan1986media OUTDATED

Model by Ethan1986media

Universal 1936-1946 logo recreation #2

The logo is taken from The Changeling (2008) and the music is taken from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982).

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