PS4 zombie survival game ‘Days Gone’ delayed until 2019

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DELAYED: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone - GS News Update

Sony announced the zombie game will now release sometime in 2019. Get gaming news on your phone! Get the GameSpot Now App! Android - iOS - Subscribe to GameSpot! Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - Video Game Trailers - Movies, TV, & Comics - Gameplay & Guides - Mobile Gaming - Like - Follow -

A guide to who is entitled to know what and when

A guide to who is entitled to know what and when. Wills can be a bone of contention even when the sums involved are small. Crusader often receives inquiries from frustrated relatives, who are not executors and may feel shut out, wanting to know about their rights to the details of the will and even if one exists. After being asked by the brother of a woman who had died what he was allowed to know about his late sister’s wishes in the will being dealt with by her husband, we asked expert Louise Igoe, a specialist in inheritance matters and a partner in law firm Lodders, to explain what he and others could access. Louise Igoe advises: “When someone dies, their solicitor will take instructions from the executor named on the will. There is no duty on an executor to disclose its terms to the beneficiaries named, before the Grant of Representation has been issued.” Until the Grant of Representation has been obtained, no-one can be certain the will is valid. However in practice, where the validity is unlikely to be an issue, the beneficiaries are advised of their interests beforehand subject to any claims. “Another key element is the Grant of Probate, an order of the court that, when there is a will, confirms the executor has authority to administer the estate,” says Igoe. “Once the Grant of Probate is issued, the will becomes a public document and available for inspection. Copies can be obtained from the Probate Registry for a small fee. If the issuing Registry is unknown, application can be made at the Principal Registry. “So, if a brother has been left something in the will by his sister, the executors or their solicitors will inform him once the Grant of Probate has been obtained. At this point, he can check the position for himself by requesting a copy of the Will. “It is possible the brother will have an interest in the sister’s estate if for example, they owned property jointly, or if he was financially dependent on his sister before she died, or perhaps there was a promise of a gift made to the brother by his sister and he relied to his detriment on that promise. In these circumstances, the executors may be bound to honour the sister’s promise. “The brother’s frustration at not being able to see the will is understandable. However, executors are entitled to decide not to disclose the will at this stage.” If there is no will the distribution of a deceased’s estate is governed by the intestacy rules in the Administration of Estates Act 1925 (as amended by the Family Provision Act 1966 and Civil Partnership Act 2004), which set out the beneficial entitlements to the estate based upon the relationship to the deceased. “If the sister in this case hasn’t made a will,” continues Igoe, " then her husband will inherit all of the estate (if there are no children), or the estate will be shared between the husband and the children. There is no provision in the intestacy rules for a brother to inherit where the deceased was married.” And she also warns there could be a situation where relatives never know what arrangements have been made. “There are circumstances where a grant of representation will not be required to deal with the assets in a deceased’s estate which may arise because of the type of asset, it’s value or where property is owned jointly. If one is not required, the will remains private.”

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Most remote islands on the planet to escape to if World War Three strikes MAPPED

Most remote islands on the planet to escape to if World War Three strikes MAPPED. WORLD War Three is something we all live in fear of, and with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting today, future safety is at the forefront of people’s minds more than ever. So, should disaster strike, where are the most remote islands in the world to escape to? Remote islands are often enshrouded in mystery but there’s no denying moving to one is the best way to escape the political drama ensuing on the global stage. These most remote islands in the world are difficult to get to, have few inhabitants and can have challenging terrain. From volcanic islands in the South Atlantic to an Australian island with more penguins than people - would you escape to one of these places? Tristan da Cunha Considered the most remote inhabited island in the world, Tristan da Cunha is over 2,000 miles away from South America and 1,700 miles away from the nearest coast of South Africa. According to the island’s website there are just 254 people currently living there. They speak English - the island is a British Overseas Territory - but they also have their own dialect with words derived from their various places of origin. Getting there is a journey of 1,732 miles from Cape Town, South Africa and can take six days by boat. Easter Island Part of Chile, Easter Island is most famous for is 887 mysterious Moai statues which weigh about 14 tons each. They were carved by the island’s original Polynesian inhabitants hundreds of years ago but they remain a mystery to both scientists and historians. Easter Island is 2,300 miles away from Chile. The only airline servicing it is LATAM. It has daily flights to/from Santiago and one weekly flight to/from Pape'ete in Tahiti. It’s believe there were once 20,000 native islanders but war, disease and deforestation decimated those numbers. According to a 2017 census the population is now at 7,750. Raoul Island Raoul Island is one of New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands - the nation’s largest marine reserve. Volcanos and earthquakes are a regular occurrence. Although considered inhabited, there are actually zero permanent residents on Raoul Island. A permanent government meteorological station has been in place since 1937 and workers are sent out there after passing a a five-day ‘shakedown’ which assesses whether they have the teamwork and skills to survive.

WARNING: Passengers face £2,000 fine if they do this while boarding a flight.

WARNING: Passengers face £2000 fine if they do this while boarding a flight. PASSENGERS have been warned of a certain drinking rule onboard their flights which, if broken could see huge fines issued of up to £2,000 before the flight even takes off. Ryanair passengers who buy alcohol in duty-free face huge fines if taking it onboard. Anyone who attempts to drink their bought booze on the plane could be fined due to breaking the law. Fines could be issued for anyone in breach of the rules and according to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) being drunk onboard could also see imprisonment of up to two years. Passenger incidents which cause flights to be diverted due to being inebriated are on the rise, as flight attendants report a rise in drunken assaults. The latest changes could affect many passengers who frequently fly with duty-free alcohol. According to The Sun, a Ryanair flight attendant onboard a plane from Malaga to London Stansted warned passengers of the rules. They explained: “I’d like to remind you that you can’t drink any alcohol you’ve bought in duty free on this plane." “It is illegal and you’ll be fined £2,000 if you do.” However, a Ryanair spokesperson has debunked this claim and stated that Ryanair does not impose fines. They explained: “Ryanair does not impose fines on board but does have a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive behaviour. "As the largest airline in Europe, Ryanair's number one priority is the safety of our customers, crew and aircraft and we operate strict guidelines for the carriage of customers who are disruptive or appear to be under the influence of alcohol. "Ryanair has already taken a number of measures to prevent disruptive behaviour on its flights, and customers are not permitted to consume their own duty-free purchases on board. "Customers flying from Glasgow Prestwick and Manchester to Alicante and on all UK flights to Ibiza are no longer permitted to bring duty free alcohol on board the aircraft, and those who have purchased duty free alcohol will be asked to put it into the hold or leave their purchases behind.” The restriction of alcohol follows an e-mail that was previously sent to passengers earlier this year when travelling to Ibiza warning them of duty-free alcohol onboard. Mixmag reported Ryanair told passengers that alcohol “must be packed carefully in a suitable item of cabin baggage”. This would then be tagged at the gate and placed into the aircraft hold for free. Passengers could then retrieve it at the end of the journey at baggage claim. Ryanair has been vocal in pushing a restriction on alcohol being consumed both onboard and at airports. On Saturday, a flight from Dublin to Ibiza had to redirect to Paris after three disruptive passengers forced the emergency landing. The low-cost airline proposes a two-drink limit and no alcohol served before 10am in the airport. In a statement, Ryanair said: "It is incumbent on the airports to introduce these preventative measures to curb excessive drinking and the problems it creates, rather than allowing passengers to drink to excess before their flights. "It's completely unfair that airports can profit from the unlimited sale of alcohol to passengers and leave the airlines to deal with the safety consequences." The airline itself rarely sells alcohol due to the short-haul nature of their flights. A Dublin airport spokesperson, however, told the BBC that the suggestion was “draconian”. They warned that the change would affect all passengers despite it just being a “very small minority of airline travellers” who break the laws.

PS4 zombie survival game ‘Days Gone’ delayed until 2019
You'll have to get your post-apocalyptic-motorcycling-across-America fix elsewhere.
Kotaku UK has confirmed that Days Gone, the PS4-exclusive peripatetic post-apocalypse game from SIE Bend Studio, has been delayed until 2019. The title was announced in mid-2016 but we first got our hands on it at E3 2017, where a gameplay demo showcased a bit of the the not-zombie (they're "freakers") game's open world and sneaky survival action. It's unclear how far into 2019 Days Gone's release window has shifted, as its website simply lists its launch date as next year.
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