Beyond Behind the Scenes: Universal Studios Hollywood (1987 VHS)

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Universal Studios (1984 Video Library VHS)

Another Goodwill find, this VHS tape slightly predates my previous upload. The tape itself says 1984 while the box it came in says 1986 but I'm inclined to go with the earlier date. Unfortunately, the audio is pretty bad. I separated it and did what I could to boost the narration but it's still a little hard to make out. Some of that music though, wow, it's totally 80's. Some of the attractions and sights on this video include: the GlamorTram, Battlestar Galactica, The Edith Head design studio, Eastman Kodak Special Effects Stage, Prop Plaza, Flash Flood, JAWS, the Bates Motel from PSYCHO, the Timberline ice tunnel, the Universal Amphitheater, the Entertainment Center, the Motion Picture & Television Museum, the Screen Test Comedy Theater, Animal Actors Stage, the cowboy Stunt Show, Conan: a Sword and Sorcer Spectacular. If you want to see how Japan interpreted some of these attractions in video game form, check out my footage of Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure on GameCube here

Universal Studios Hollywood: A Universe Of Cinemagic (Vintage Special)

A vintage VHS special hosted by John Forsythe on Universal Studios Hollywood. In its hour, it features an array of attractions; from various studio tour lot extravaganzas to the most recent ride on its roster, Jurassic Park. You see rather extended looks at each of the attractions, and plenty of actual behind the scenes content and history. Unlike most specials produced for the park, this one truly feels more like an engaging presentation rather than an extended commercial for it. Highly recommended, and full of unique footage for most of the attractions. Produced by Panorama International Productions

[4K] E.T the Ride - E.T Adventure Ride-through at Universal Studios 2016

[4K] A Full ride-through of E.T Adventure ride at Universal Studios Florida 2016. E.T Ride is no longer in operation at Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood. If you guys love Peter Pan ride at Disneyland and Disney World, this is the ride for you guys. Video shot June 2016

West Hollywood 1980

The city of West Hollywood celebrates its 32nd birthday on November 29, 2016. Two years before it was born, I was contributing a monthly feature about streets in L.A. to "Two on the Town," a local series broadcast by KCBS-TV hosted by Steve Edwards and Connie Chung and directed byJoel Tator. One of the streets that I profiled was Santa Monica Boulevard in the area of what was then an unincorporated area of L.A. County.

1990 Universal Studios Florida Electronic Press Kit

This is a bunch of stock footage from around the time that Universal Studios Florida opened. It was probably given out to TV stations to use in stories about the park. There probably isn't much new footage here that doesn't exist separately, but it's very cool to see. Of interest are: Very clear promo shots of Kongfrontation (5:06) The original preshow for E.T. (featuring Spielberg struggling to act and a terrifyingly fake E.T.) (6:05) Shots of the miniature of downtown LA used in 1974's Earthquake (which the Universal ride was inspired by) (12:36) Aerial shots (41:24) (Clip of) The screen footage in Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera (47:18) B-Roll of Production Facilities (49:20)

Picked this up at Goodwill for $0.99. It's only tangentially related to games (I did enjoy Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure on GameCube recently) but it's 1000% a quality relic from the 1980's.

Take a trip "beyond behind the scenes" of King Kong, Conan, Jaws, Earthquake, Back to the Future, Miami Vice, and other attractions at Universal in the late 80's. A hefty section highlights Universal's actual studios with tours of some sound stages and prop crafting.

If you do wanna see how Japan interpreted some of these attractions in video game form, check out my playlist of Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure here


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