Nerf Rival Artemis Review

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Toys "R" Us Shopping For NERF Modulus ECS-10 N-Strike Tri-Strike Barrelstrike

Toys "R" Us Shopping For NERF Modulus ECS-10 N-Strike Tri-Strike Barrelstrike Today Ethan, Elijah and Elliot wanted to add some more Nerf toys to their collection. Elijah got the Nerf modulus ECS-10, Ethan decided to get the N-Strike Tri-Strike and Elliot got the Nerf Barrelstrike. These are some cool nerf blasters and it's quick and easy to use. Please be sure to hit that notification button, so you can join the fun with EJ Fun Kids. We Love YouTube and Friends. 😍 If you're a new viewer... ❤ PLEASE consider SUBSCRIBING We love reading your feedback! Thanks For Watching! See You In The Next VIDEO 😀 👍 🆙 check out our other cool videos... 😀 Nerf War: The Beginning (Part 1) Nerf War: at Toys "R" Us (Part 2) Nerf War: Zombie Strike (Part 3) Nerf War: Kids vs Dad (Part 4) Nerf Toy Unboxing Alien Menace N-Strike Modulus Regulator Nerf Shopping at Toys "R" Us Backyard Playtime with our puppies Pie Face Challenge Dog Edition Hot Wheels RC toy cars Toys "R" Us Shopping for Nerf Refill Bullets Fun Indoor Playground with Giant Slides Happy New Year 2018 Polar Express Train Ride Christmas Puppy Surprise Happy Birthday Elijah M&M's world Fun at the Park Our new Puppy Cookie! LEGO CITY 60051 Toys R Us Hide & Seek Hot Lava Challenge @ Babies R Us Hide and Seek at Toys R Us Indoor Playground For Kids Toys R Us Shopping for NERF guns Toys "R" Us shopping for Legos & Lava Challenge Gatorade Challenge SuperHero 1 Basic Training Super Heros 2 Super Heros 3 Super Heros 4 Super Hero 5 Batman vs Superman Toys "R" Us Shopping for Thomas and Friends


I found the best rare Nerf gun for shooting slime! Then we had an epic nerf slime battle using them. You won't believe what happens. It's totally epic! The girls and I had so much fun doing this. We probably used 100 pounds of slime in this nerf war. It was so sticky. I was inspired to do this video by Stephen Sharer. I love his channel! He has done several slime blasting nerf gun videos. This is not Nickelodeon slime though. This is made from slime you can actually eat! I don't know if this would be considered a super rare Nerf Gun or not, but I've never seen one before. I didn't even need to modify this nerf gun to make it blast slime! The slime went so far! This was a nerf gun battle royale! It was so crazy. We were all so sticky. If you enjoyed this slime blasting Nerf gun battle let me know in the comments! Check out my last video 👇 3 MARKER CHALLENGE! DAD vs KIDS! Giant Size! 😎Subscribe to ACTION ADAM 👉 ____________________________________________________________________ Follow Me: 📱INSTAGRAM 👉@realactionadam ____________________________________________________________________ Our other channels 🤪WILL IT SLIME? 👉 🤓 RMC LIFE 👉 💖 KIMTASTIC HACKS 👉 ____________________________________________________________________ 📗Order my Slime recipe book 👉 ____________________________________________________________________ Action Adam strives to be the most epic, most entertaining and best YouTube channel for the entire family. You've seen us on Will It Slime? and RMC Life, but we wanted to have a channel where we could do bigger and crazier things. It features our family doing science experiments, fun challenges, crazy projects, and funny vlogs. No boring videos are allowed here. We may have a nerf battle or we may have a slime challenge and then totally destroy something in the name of science. We'll show you how to build some awesome stuff too. Our family loves spending time together exploring the world in new fun ways. We hope you'll be part of the action squad and join our family on our journey. Every video is always totally kid safe. Sound good? Now let's go have some fun and do something awesome!

Rival Artemis Vs The New Nerf Rival Hades

Toy Fair was this week, and time to compare the Rival Artemis with the Rival Hades, a longer Artemis with a cooler name.

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Nerf Mediator Unboxing

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This was August's first review. I think he did well.

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