Uma comedia nada romântica como transformar uma gorda feia em bonita

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Common Shiner's Social Mediasochist | Teen Slasher Romantic Parody Music Video | Lowcarbcomedy

SOCIAL MEDIASOCHIST PART II IS HAPPENING! Our Kickstarter has ended, but make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss our Updates from Production: SOCIAL MEDIASOCHIST T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE! presents a teen slasher romantic high school comedy music video for "Social Mediasochist" by Chicago Band: Common Shiner ( Buy "Social Mediasochist" from the album "Before They Sold Out Part 2" Buy the Album! - Visit Our Website: Follow Us on Twitter: Join Our Facebook Page: Sign up for the Newsletter: Visit Common Shiner's Website: Follow Common Shiner on Twitter: Join Common Shiner's Facebook Page: Visit Common Shiner's YouTube Page: Written, Directed, Edited, Color, and Graphics by: ZORAN GVOJIC Co-Written by: MORGAN FOSTER Cinematography by: ZACK WHITTINGTON Sound Mix by: MARK KLEINFELDER Starring: JEREMY KANNE • WHITNEY JONES • DAVID SCHNEIDER • JAMIE GATES • CHARLEY CARROLL • MARK KUSPER • BETH ANN BARBIERI • DARREN STEPHENS • RUTH KAUFMAN • PAUL DUPONT • MATT WHEELIN • JOHN MORRISON • GREG HESS • DAVE URLAKIS • SEAN SYKES • MORGAN FOSTER • MICHAEL JAMES BROOKS • VIJAY BANGALORE • JAKE CHANDLER • LEE RUSSELL as UNHEALTHY DOUG Extras: MATT NELSON • AMANDA NELSON • RYAN VANKAMPEN • JULIE POPE • JEFF NOBLEZA • REBECCA GROSSMAN • MAGGIE MCGINNIS • CORRINE FOSTER • JESSI ODENBACH • CASSIE MORAN • BAILEY MURPHY • BAILEY SCHMID • DAVID SCHNEIDER • CHRISTINE DONNELLY • KATHERINE JANDA • LAURA GREEN • MATT IWINSKI • ALLISA SCANLON • ROCKETBOAT AND THE MANY OTHERS THAT MORGAN COULDN'T THINK OF! Special Thanks: GATEWAY LEARNING CENTER • COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH • GLENBARD EAST HIGH SCHOOL • WAUBANSIE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL • DJORDJE GVOJIC • NORAH LEONARDIC • SUSAN BROWN • RICHARD NYE • DAN FRANKLIN • WES BRAVEN • SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM • CLIVE BARKER • STEPHEN KING • JOHN CARPENTER • SAM RAIMI • BRUCE CAMPBELL • KANE HODDER • ROBERT ENGLUND • JOHN HUGHES • BRIAN DE PALMA • DOUG BRADLEY • WARWICK DAVIS • TONY TODD • NICK CASTLE • TOBE HOOPER • GUNNAR HANSEN • SISSY SPACEK • BRIAN DE PALMA AGAIN FOR SOME REASON • THE MAKERS OF NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE • ROBERT ZEMECKIS • STEVEN SPIELBERG • THADDEUS • KATHERINE JANDA • CORINNE FOSTER AND EVERYONE THAT'S EVER MADE A SLASHER MOVIE. LYRICS: Here comes that old apology For everything I can’t stop feeling Cuz you know just what you do to me I’m just another heart you’re stealing Cuz you’re just like that old line I’ve always heard about love You burn me every time And yet I just can’t get enough I’m always waiting Exactly where I stood And you say believe me Honey, I wish I could CHORUS Cuz sooner or later you’re back for more And just another black dress on his bedroom floor And I’m stuck reading about my fate Through every photo post and status update While you wait for three and four I realize I can’t play anymore I know what you want to imply But I think I’m leaving instead Cuz I know I need to say goodbye To the version of you that lives in my head Cuz you’re just like that old line I’ve always heard about love It’s always on your time And I think I’ve had enough The always maybes were your ideal So what I fell in love with was never real CHORUS The hardest things to let go Are the ones that end so slow So just go….

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esse é o nome do filme: "Uma comedia nada romântica" - como transformar uma gorda feia em uma mulher bonita (agora você já sabe de onde vem a maionese) filme completo sem cortes você baixa aqui, após baixar fique semeando (enviando):

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