Saturday Morning TV Memories 1964 - 1976 !!!

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Saturday Morning in the 70s

Spend 22 minutes in the 70s with this short little melange I cobbled together.

H R Pufnstuf In 3D - Show Biz Witch

Wear 3D Glasses

1976-78 Commercials Part 1 (ABC to Cap'n Crunch)

1. ABC logo from 1977-78 season 2. 1978 Ford Freewheelin' Vans and Trucks 3. 1978 Golden Grahams cereal 4. 1977 Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing 5. 1977 ABC Monday Night promo for The San Pedro Beach Bums 6. 1977 Chevrolet with Jerry Orbach 7. 1978 3 Muskateers candy bar 8. 1977 Chevrolet Concours 9. 1978 Mego Speed Burners racers 10. 1977 Bell Telephone Super Switcher promo 11. 1977 Campbell's Chicken Noodle O's soup 12. 1978 Hawaiian Punch "Win Hawaii" sweepstakes 13. 1978 Kentucky Fried Chicken 14. 1976 Care Free sugarless gum with Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross 15. 1977 Clorox bleach with the infamous clothes-tearing Clorox lady! 16. 1978 Lucky Charms cereal 17. 1978 Cap'n Crunch with Magic Tricks toys **These are from Amazing Commercials 1976-78 Part 1**

Cartoons Donald Duck & Chip and Dale - Full Episodes Pluto #24

Compilation 1 1 Up a Tree. Chip 'n' Dale once again try to save their tree home from lumberjack Donald. Donald, in return, shows us how many ways he can fall down the side of a tree. 2 Sheep Dog. Pluto protects his sheep against ever-hungry coyotes. Bent-Tail disguises his son as a lamb to secretly get his prey. 3 Toy Tinkers. Chip and Dale are awoken from hibernation to the nearby sounds of Donald Duck chopping down a pine tree. They follow Donald, as he is singing "Jingle Bells", to his house where they spy on him setting up his Christmas tree. Seeing all the presents under the tree, especially the nuts, they decide to break into his house and start stealing the nuts. 4 The Sleep Walker. Pluto gives Dinah the Dachshund his bone while sleepwalking, but can't understand how she got it when he wakes up! 5 Squatter's Rights. The chipmunks Chip and Dale wake up one winter morning inside the wood stove they have made their home. The stove is located in Mickey Mouse's hunting shack (called "Mickey's Hydout") which appears to have been unoccupied for a while. Soon, Mickey and Pluto arrive for the hunting season. 6 Springtime for Pluto. The cartoon begins with a spirit playing a flute, awakening the spring. Pluto then wakes up and starts to get spring fever. 7 Test Pilot Donald. Dale dreams of flying and finds a perfect opportunity when Donald's remote control airplane gets stuck in their tree. 8 The Purloined Pup. Ronnie is kidnapped by Butch, so Pluto, as a policedog, must come in to rescue him.

Foghorn Leghorn - Ah Shaddap!! Moments

Compilation of "Ah Shaddap" Moments by and/or involving that crazy rooster Foghorn Leghorn, created by Robert McKimson and voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc. One of the best cartoon characters around and way better than Bugs in my opinion! This is a compilation made by a fan. The cartoons and the music were made by Warner Bros. I just picked the clips and put them together. - Yosemite Sam Rap - Perfect Response To Negative Comments

A time machine escape, remembering the greatest era of Saturday Morning television. A sacred day that belonged just to kids. Enjoy the ride !!! Thanks to Ira from TVDAYS.COM

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