World's Strictest Parents (UK) Lebanon Full Episode

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Newsline Special: Searching for Deorr, One Year Later

(Original Air Date: 07/11/2016; 10:30 p.m. MDT on KIFI Local News 8) DeOrr Kunz, Jr. was reported missing on July 10, 2015. The search for the missing toddler continues 1 year later. Chelsea Brentzel talks with the mother and father and investigators about the case.

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Is it dangerous to do a road trip in Lebanon?

Five months ago we were in Lebanon during the winter and made a video called "Is Lebanon Dangerous?" Watch that video here: We returned this summer to check out whether Lebanon is any more dangerous during this time of year 😉. If staying in cute mountain hotels, going to the beach, and jumping off waterfalls is dangerous, sign me up! We also got engaged in Beirut! Check that video out here: Spark Drone (combo) - my camera - my other camera - my polaroid - IG - @lovettjustin IG - @koheunlee Places we visited in this video: We stayed at a place called Guita Bed and bloom. Here is there facebook page The cross and pools are near the guesthouse (Sayidat Al Qarn) - here is a pin - The place that I jumped in the water is here (Afqa Waterfall) - And the Baatara Waterfall (Sink Hole) is here - Music licensed through Jamendo All tracks are from The Moose We Got the Love DIF Song Hey Sistah Hip Pop

I Mailed Myself in a Box *UK to USA* (HUMAN MAIL CHALLENGE PART 3 - BY AIR)

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Strict Asian Parents & Stressed, Pressured Youth - College Process

Strict Asian Parents & Stressed, Pressured Youth Ivy dreams american high school college angry dream and the argue time education yell yellow black white nerd

Heres Another rare World Strictest Parents Episode for my haters out there! Video Credits: Craigieboy2001 from Dailymotion, I don't own anything so enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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