LEGO DC Super Villains Gameplay Walkthrough - IGN Live E3 2018

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Lego Prison Break

Cellmate doesn't like his prison food. What is he gonna do? (Stop Motion Animation) Display: - 4700 pictures - 15 frames per second Music from: - (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License) - Youtube audio library

Spider-Man | 9 Confirmed Supervillains & Their Origins

Marvel's Spider-Man is looking like a must play superhero outing. Peter 'Parkour' will be donning the spider costume and taking down super-villains across New York. But do you know your Shocker from your Vulture? Or your Rhino from your Scorpion? If you'd like a quick history lesson then let's break down the skills, moves, motivations and origins of 9 confirmed super-villains in Marvel's Spider-Man on Ps4. Adam's Twitter - Our Discord -

Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 1

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Trouble in Wakanda - LEGO Marvel Black Panther - Full Length Episode

When the Mighty Thanos arrives from outer space and threatens to destroy Earth, the Black Panther leaps into action – unfortunately, his heroics only bring trouble to his homeland of Wakanda! Being the King of Wakanda is tough -- especially when you’re also the Black Panther! When Thanos arrives from outer space and threatens to destroy Earth, the Black Panther leaps into action and defeats him with the help of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But the situation only gets worse when rogue villains Killmonger and Klaue team up with the Mad Titan to take the fight to Black Panther’s homeland! Can the Panther pounce on their perilous plan before Wakanda is pulverized? Watch your favorite part here: Speeches & Sandwiches - Something Strange - The Maze of Tal-Recs - Mining Mayhem - Vibranium Vengence - Playlist - Subscribe to the OFFICIAL LEGO channels: LEGO: LEGO Lab: LEGO Gaming: LEGO FanTube:

10 Superpowers You Didn't Know Carnage Has

Did we miss any powers? Let us know and vote for your favourite power in the comments below! For more amazing videos, Subscribe to our channel: Try out ThePremium Network for free: Fans of Spider-Man can agree that one of the most popular characters, aside from the friendly neighborhood Spider himself, is the scary and powerful Venom. But of course, second and equal in popularity is the even more ruthless and horrible, Carnage. Carnage was supposed to take over once Venom/ Eddie Brock was killed off. But because of his popularity, Venom was kept alive. Instead, the symbiote produced an offspring in jail, and it bonded to psychopathic killer Cletus Kasady. The symbiote entered Kasady’s bloodstream and bonded with Kasady on a molecular level. Which allowed part of the symbiote to always be lying dormant in Kasady’s body, ready to be regenerated at any moment. Pretty awesome power right? This is just the beginning of Carnage’s powers. He has proven to be much stronger than Spider-Man and Venom combined, with enhanced superhuman strength. And like with most symbiotes, Carnage can manipulate the mind. He uses a symbiote tendril to literally penetrate the brain and fill it with whatever images he wants you to see. Too spooky. And if this wasn’t enough, Carnage can also enhance and manipulate the suit and make it fit whatever color, pattern, texture, of any clothing material or camouflage to its environment. He is also immune to all human diseases, including cancer. He cant be traced by Spider-Man’s spider-sense and he has his own, much better version. Want to know more about Carnage’s scary cool powers? Watch our video and find out. Script by: Cynthia Reynoso Voice Over by: Michael Neeb Edited by: Ross Fearnley For more videos and articles visit:

We go in depth with developers on the mechanics of playing as all the DC villains in one game.

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