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Anna & Erica // In the Air Tonight

The Girlfriend Experience

LSB The Series - 2x06

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CJ Reviews 'The Girlfriend Experience' Season 2

The Girlfriend Experience – Season One – was easily my favourite TV series of 2016. Inspired by Steven Soderbergh’s film of the same name from 2009, it followed a young law intern’s exposure to and gradual embracing of a particular form of high-end prostitution. The story was sordid – most of the men, in particular, were venal, at times abhorrent – but it was a classy production all the way. Riley Keough gave literally a star-making performance – she is now well on the way path to becoming a movie star of the highest order. The direction and writing, from series creators Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan, was cold, clinical, precise and terrifying, using Kubrickian camera set-ups and David Lynchian sound effects to make every shot a portent of doom. Hotel room corridors, open-plan workplaces and building foyers all simultaneously evoked absolute generic banality and, somehow, a circle of hell. It was simply outstanding, and also, thrillingly, it was an absolute drama, or perhaps thriller, being told over thirteen episodes in the half-hour format, traditionally used by comedy. While there were occasionally incredibly sly, dry, dark moments of mischief, The Girlfriend Experience was by no stretch a comedy. Now we have Season Two, I’ve seen the first four, and so far, so great. Seimetz and Kerrigan are back at the helm, so the series has aesthetic continuity, and its aesthetic is a huge part of what makes it so fantastic. But there are big changes. Keough is no longer in it, nor is her character Christine. Now we have two storylines, told alternately, one set in Washington, written and directed by Kerrigan, and one in New Mexico, written and directed by Seimetz. Kerrigan’s story feels more directly connected to last season, in that one of his two lead female characters is doing extremely similar work to Christine’s in tonally and aesthetically similar settings – cold, empty hotels, workspaces and apartments – while Seimetz’s feels a little different, telling the story of an ex-prostitute re-entering the life while in a witness protection program in New Mexico. Just that setting alone sets it apart from the cold urbanity of the other stories. Seimetz and Kerrigan combined their work on Season One, so it’s fascinating to see their different writing and in particular directing styles snap into clearer focus here. Kerrigan’s style turns out to most fully embrace the Kubrickian, Lynchian aesthetic I’ve referred to, bordering on self parody at times – his locations are so austere as to almost be absurd or deliberately surreal, featuring apartments with barely any furniture and offices and restaurants with barely any patrons (and certainly no background music). Kerrigan wastes no money on extras! By contrast, Seimetz’s story is a little warmer, her shooting a little more conventional, and her main character, Bria, more human. Kerrigan’s characters deliver their dialogue impassively on the whole, but Seimetz’s seem to be allowed emotions. It’s all fascinating, brave stuff that pushes boundaries and buttons. It’s set in 2018, during the mid-term elections, so there’s some scary US political content as well. It’s a bummer not to have Keough around – there’s no doubt about that – but so far, I’m fully on board for Season Two. I totally recommend it to adults. There is very, very high sexual content and very adult themes. After all, at the end of the day, it’s about prostitution, in all its forms. Streaming now on: Subscribe to Skipi.TV at for the latest content.

Jennifer's Body (2009) - We Always Share Your Bed Scene (2/5) | Movieclips

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Anna delivers a piece of incriminating evidence against Novak, while her relationship with Erica becomes personal. Erica is contacted by a powerful financier. Despite orders to lay low, Bria meets with a new client, triggering Ian’s suspicions.

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From executive producer Steven Soderbergh, “The Girlfriend Experience” returns for season two with a new variation on storytelling. Breaking with last season’s format, the anthology series also executive produced by Philip Fleishman, will follow two parallel stories each focusing on entirely new characters, relationships, plotlines and locations while exploring the price of intimacy and its emotional consequences. One storyline for the 14-episode scripted original series will be set in Washington, D.C. and the other, in New Mexico. Each of the two parallel storylines is written, directed and executive produced by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz.

Kerrigan’s storyline is set against the backdrop of the corrupting influence of dark money in the upcoming 2018 U.S. mid-term elections, where everything and everyone has a price, the second season tracks an unexpected and complex relationship between Erica Myles, a commanding and strong-willed finance director of a Republican super PAC, and Anna Garner, a confident and intelligent GFE provider at the top of her game. Under intense pressure to deliver on her super PAC fundraising goals, Erica meets Anna and enlists her help in blackmailing a high-powered dark money fundraiser, in order to gain access to his secret donor network. After their initial exchange, Erica and Anna fall into a complicated sexual relationship, marked by an exploration of vulnerability, dominance and submission. A relationship that changes the trajectory of Erica’s personal and professional lives and takes Anna into new emotional territory.

Seimetz’s storyline follows Bria Jones, a former high-end escort who enters the Witness Protection Program in order to escape her abusive relationship. After being torn from her upscale lifestyle, Bria and her estranged step-daughter are relocated to New Mexico where they are overseen by a commanding US Marshal, Ian Olsen. Despite orders to stay low, Bria begins to revive her career as a sex worker, still enraptured by the allure of precarious relationships and lavish gifts. Bria's moonlighting only becomes more complicated when it threatens to ensnare her new identity, her step-daughter, and the government official put in charge of her well-being. Bria quickly realizes she not only has to protect herself from her domineering ex but the very people who are supposed to be protecting her. Bria is forced to take matters into her own hands as she gambles not only her own safety but the people around her in a bid to regain the life she once had.

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The Girlfriend Experience | Season 2, Episode 2 Preview | STARZ

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