The War of the Stars II - The Future in Motion FULL FANEDIT

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The Clone Wars- A Phantom Edit

I do not own any of this material, it is the property of Lucasfilm and Disney, this is a fan edit provided under legal Fair Use. I consider this a criticism and transformative improvement to most of the scenes in the movies. About the same length as a LOTR movie, with an end credit sequence! NO ninja Yoda, childish droids, silly fluff, cringey dialogue, and cutting Jar Jar down to the bare minimum, reducing him to a refugee/senator. I've also recut a few things I just thought would flow better, such as making most lightsaber fights a single scene, instead of cutting between several simultaneous battles. I rearranged the appearance order of certain scenes and added several deleted scenes as well. I also took out anything that slowed down the action, and sometimes had to patch scenes together in strange ways after having removed what was between them. I think the result is pretty good, and most of the odd cuts I make are not noticeable unless you're looking for it. Making this, clarifying and refocusing various story points, I gained a newer and deeper appreciation for this trilogy's plot and characters than ever before, and I think I have succeeded in bringing out the compelling, dark, mature, and intelligent drama that's also a sci-fi action ride that the prequels were supposed to be, rather than the unfocused borefest they largely turned out to be. However, I felt there was so much that I had good memories of, and this largely represents my head-canon. Note- I do enjoy the first film uncut, the podracing and desert battle with Maul, but it simply didn't fit into the overall vision, mostly for time purposes. Revenge of the Sith is probably my favorite of the three, but has some pretty cringey moments, but not as bad as Attack of the Clones, which I would never watch uncut again.... but I would watch this version over and over and over.... enjoy.

Day Of Wrath (Full Movie) Set during 16th century witch trials in Europe

Set in the 16th century, a sheriff working on a series of murders has to choose between his conscience and protecting his family when he's tied to the crimes. TV version Directed by Adrien Rudomin 2006 Starring: Christopher Lambert, Brian Blessed, James Faulkner Watch more free movies and TV series at, or on the Popcornflix app available on mobile devices, Roku, Xbox, Sony, PlayStation and many more! #Popcornflix, Full length free movies and TV series. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Popcornflix is owned/operated by Screen Media Ventures, LLC.

Is Mark Hamill Finally Done With Star Wars?

Mark Hamill made it painfully obvious he was not a fan of the Sequel Trilogy. He didn't like what JJ Abrams did with Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens, and especially hated Rian Johnson's direction of Luke in The Last Jedi. Then during the movie's marketing campaign, he was contractually obligated to keep quiet of his true feelings towards the movie. However, now with that all over and Disney/Lucasfilm now focusing all their efforts into SOLO, Mark Hamill has no more reason to keep his true feelings, and future with the series a secret. Comment. Like. Subscribe. ☑️ MAKE YOUR SUBS PUBLIC BEFORE SUBBING | ►SUBSCRIBE HERE! |◄ ►SUPPORT the channel directly with Gawkbox by playing free games & apps: Submit your Battlefront 2 Game Clips to SYLO here: ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►DISCORD CHAT: ►TWITCH: ►YOUTUBE GAMING: ►SYLO T-SHIRTS: ►PATREON: SYLO - Star Wars is a Star Wars channel on YouTube, focusing on all things Entertainment and Gaming in the world of Star Wars. Have questions, or suggestions? Contact our business email on the about page on our YouTube channel. All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak without censorship.

Star wars ep IV una nuova speranza (Divx) film completo.avi

The Sarlacc Pit Battle [1080p]

Star Wars Episode 6 "Return of the Jedi"

A fan edit by The Man Behind the Mask that is the sequel to his The War of the Stars edit. It is a mash up of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi with the same gritty effects, new music, and film effects, but this time also with some new optics (read CGI compositing).

I am posting it to YouTube so that more people will see it.

Sorry for some cuts in the audio, I had make some because the video was being blocked everywhere.

I take no credit for this, all rights and credit goes to TMBTM and Disney/Lucasfilm.

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