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PIU Prime - Red Swan D21

Valius has the new mix of Pump it Up (Prime), and I took this video using his screen capture device. No one else was available to tape me so there probably wouldn't have been much memorable commentary anyway...and the quality is great. This is Red Swan D21. I'm loving the new original tunes and all the new BGAs - it's great to have Yahpp back again with his works. I'm not sure if this is entirely a classical remix, but I definitely hear parts of "Swan Lake" in this. This chart is pretty silly, but in some ways, it's actually kind of fun. It's a LOT more fun than the S18 and D20, which are boring and repetitive whenever they're not full of really stupid and pointless drills that don't follow anything in the music and are just there to waste time and space. I have to say I was really surprised and happy to do this well on this chart, since it's one of those charts that just looks impossible from a beginner's standpoint.

1950 D21 (UCS by ZELLLOOO)

Congrats again to all the WPF winners! WPF 2016 in Bali will go down as one of the best PIU festivals ever held. And I greatly appreciate your love and support for mentormin shown during WPF 2016. I will try my best to make this game the world's finest and this channel YouTube's finest. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Patch / Update 1.19 1. New Songs 1) Song : Smile Diary Artist : you BPM : 175 Default step chart : S04, S07, S11, ●S16, D08, ●D17 Unlock step chart : ●S??, ●D?? 2) Song : Campanella Artist : Cashew BPM : 140 Default step chart : S06, S09, ●S16, D10, ●D16 3) Song : Feel My Happiness Artist : 3r2 BPM : 175 Default step chart : S03, S10, ●S17, D06, ●D18 2. New step charts 1) Song : Ignition starts Artist : banya BPM : 146.05 Step chart : ●S18, ●D17 2) Song : Final Audition 3 Artist : banya BPM : 130.5 Step chart : ●S17 3) Song : Beat # No.4 Artist : HEaDTriP BPM : 121 Step chart : ●D18 4) Song : Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo Artist : PXNDX BPM : 160 Step chart : ●S18, ●D19 5) Song : Dream To Nightmare Artist : Nightmare BPM : 178 Step chart : ●S22 6) Song : Yog-Sothoth Artist : Nato BPM : 200 Step chart : ●D17 7) Song : Super Fantasy Artist : SHK BPM : 145 Step chart : ●D18 8) Song : Dolly KiSS Artist : SID-SOUND BPM : 149 Step chart : ●S17 9) Song : [REMIX] Vacuum Cleaner Artist : Doin BPM : 222.22 Step chart : ●D20 10) Song : [FULL SONG] Canon D FULL Song MIX Artist : banya BPM : 160 Step chart : ●D24 11) Song : 1950 Artist : SLAM BPM : 200 Step chart : ●S16 (UCS by IMBA), ●S17 (UCS by DAEGUOSU), ●D21 (UCS by ZELLLOOO) 12) Song : Hestia Artist : Gentle Stick BPM : 150 Step chart : ●S17 (UCS by MikeFS), ●D18 (UCS by AlexRose) 13) Song : Chinese Restaurant Artist : Memme BPM : 175 Step chart : ●D17 (UCS by AlexRose) 3. New unlock step charts 1) Song : [REMIX] Paradoxx Artist : SLAM & NATO BPM : 220 Step chart : ●D28 4. Quest zone Quest “Chapter19” is updated. 1) Song : Butterfly Step chart : S13, S16, D17, D18 2) Song : Crashday Step chart : S06, S11, S17, S19 3) Song : U Got Me Rocking Step chart : S17, S18, D17, D20 4) Song : Csikos Post Step chart : S07, S10, S13, S21 5) Song : Pump me Amadeus Step chart : D10, S18, D19, D24 5. Unlocked Step Charts 1) Song : Force of Ra Step chart : S19 - released! 2) Song : Moment Day Step chart : S18, D19 - released! 3) Song : Houkago Stride Step chart : S19 - released! 4) Song : Idealized Romance Step chart : S18, D19 - released! 6. Changing function - It is changed that you cannot play the step if you didn't unlock it from Event mode. (Mentormin's translation: Now you cannot play locked charts on Event Mode.) - RANDOM FOR WPF 2016 channel is deleted. And we sincerely congratulate to the winners at the WPF 2016 once again. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 유튜브 최대 펌프 채널입니다. [구독]을 클릭하고 펌프 소식을 받아보세요! ● Specializes in the dance game Pump It Up. SUBSCRIBE and STAY UPDATED with the PIU world! ● Este canal se especializa en el juego de baile Pump It Up. ¡SUSCRÍBANSE y ESTÉN ACTUALIZADOS en el mundo del PIU! ● YouTubeの最大PIUチャンネルです。購読して色々なPIUのビデオとニュースを取得してください! [Pump It Up 2015 Prime] [펌프잇업 2015 프라임] * For PIU locations around the world, go visit: https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/arcades.php * 국내 펌프 보유 오락실 https://namu.wiki/w/%ED%8E%8C%ED%94%84%20%EC%9E%87%20%EC%97%85/%EC%98%A4%EB%9D%BD%EC%8B%A4%20%EB%B6%84%ED%8F%AC


PUMP IT UP PRIME 2 [ USER CUSTOM STEP / UCS ] CO-OP PLAY - CO-OP X3 - TRIPLE PERFORMANCE ( 3 PEOPLE PERFORMANCE ) ■ Song: Rock The House ■ Artist: Matduke ■ UCS Link: http://www.piugame.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=ucs&wr_id=6930&sca=CO&sfl=wr_name%2C1&stx=MACHINEHUMAN97&sop=and ■ Step Artist: MACHINEHUMAN97 ■ Player: NUMBUH_1 (First), ZHAOYUN / Zhao X (Second), CONCEC / CHUVO (Third) Normal Judgement P/S: Our first UCS Play, our UCS Journey begins, don't hesitate to share your UCS charts, please fill in the form with correct info: UCS Register Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfu3yZlp_tO-qGkUI3ahfhykVUbNVUwgyGWT4t3F7I7mtqycg/viewform If something unclear, please contact to our facebook page BOSS_PIUVN, we will help you to make your UCS played. [VIETNAM] ► Follow our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bosspiuvnpumpitupteamofficial/ ► Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/BOSS_PIUVN ► Follow Smurf's Town Gamezone (LANG XI TRUM) Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LangXiTrumNowzone/ ► More PIU artworks here, Please visit and like page: Gyo Design+ https://www.facebook.com/GyoDesigns/ Step-art Line: https://www.facebook.com/stepartline/ https://stepart-line.deviantart.com/ *** BOSS_PIUVN Team ***

[PIU Prime 2 v2.01] PRODUCE 101 - 나야나 (PICK ME) S6 & S14

Game Name : Pump it up Prime 2 시리즈 : Prime 2 아티스트 : PRODUCE 101 (프로듀스 101) BPM : 128 LEVEL : Single 14 (LEFT) & Single 6 (RIGHT) 싱글 6을 업로드를 어제 시도를 했으나 차단 되었습니다. 영상관련 저작권 문제로 2인 플레이로 대체 및 화면조정 되어있는 점 양해 바랍니다. Speed : 1p - AV 620, 2p - Velicity x3 Player : 1P - ASTROBOY 2P - BURNER Record by 노량진 어뮤즈타운

UP & UP S17

유튜브 최대 펌프 채널입니다. [구독]을 클릭하고 고퀄리티 펌프자료를 받아보세요! ● Specializes in the dance game Pump It Up. SUBSCRIBE and STAY UPDATED with the PIU world! ● Este canal se especializa en el juego de baile Pump It Up. ¡SUSCRÍBANSE y ESTÉN ACTUALIZADOS en el mundo del PIU! Recorded @ 신촌 지플렉스(G-PLEX) --------------------------------------------------------- PATCH / UPDATE 2.01 (FEBRUARY 26, 2018) 1. New Songs 1) Title : PICK ME Artist : PRODUCE101 BPM : 128 Default step chart : S02, S04, S06, S14, D05, D15 S??, D?? (Unlocked step) 2) Title : Rave’til the earth’s end Artist : 5argon BPM : 160 Default step chart : S04, S07, S15, S17, D13, D18 S??, D?? (Unlocked step) 3) Title : The Festival of Ghost2 (Sneak) Artist : Brandy BPM : 136 Default step chart : S09, S16, S18, D10, D17 S??, D?? (Card only step) 2. Big update for Double performance step There is big scale of update for Double performance steps. We deeply appreciate for the people provided the steps for it. 1) Start On Red DP03 2) Time Attack -Blue- DP03 3) Magical Vacation DP03 4) Super Stylin’ DP04 5) Keep On! DP03 6) BEDLAM DP04 7) Redline DP05 8) Kill Them! DP04 9) Seize My Day DP04 10) Fallen Angel DP03 11) Shub Niggurath DP03 12) Kasou shinja DP03 13) Overblow2 DP03 14) Allegro furioso DP04 15) Utsushiyo No Kaze feat. Kana DP05 16) Hey U DP04 17) Chase Me DP03 18) Gotta Be You DP03 19) SOBER DP03 20) GOOD NIGHT DP03 21) STEP DP02 22) Nakakapagpabagabag DP04 23) Heart Attack DP03 24) Cross Time DP03 25) HELIX DP05 26) Hyperion DP04 3. About UCS UCS page and systems will be opened together in the end of March, 2018. We will look forward to upgrading UCS as long as you wait. Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------- [ PUMP IT UP 2017: PRIME 2 ] [ 펌프잇업 2017 프라임2 ]

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