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Opening To Evan Almighty UK DVD(2007)

As Requested By Cloverdale Rail, Here Are The UK DVD Openings For Evan Almighty, And In Order: 1. Universal Studios Logo 2. Language Selection 3. Piracy Is A Crime Promo 4. Copyright Notice Screen 5. Warning Screen 6. The Views Are Expressed Screen 6. Billy Eliot: The Musical Trailer(Sorry, I Almost Forgot To Turn Off The Subtitles During The Trailer). 7. DVD Menu 8. Universal Pictures Logo 9. Spyglass Entertainment Logo 10. Original Film Logo 11. Shady Acres Entertainment Logo P.S., Everything Belongs To Their Original Copyright Holders. I Do Not Own Anything. So No Copyright Intended What So Ever.

Opening To Evan Almighty 2007 DVD

NO COPYRIGHT NEEDED! Here's The Order: 1. Interview/Commentary Screen 2. Universal Pictures Logo Screen 3. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggietales Movie Trailer 4. Bring It On: In It To Win It Trailer 5. The Office DVD Trailer 6. HD DVD Promo 7. FBI Anti Piracy Warning Screen 8. Evan Almighty DVD Menu 9. MPAA Rating Screen 10. This Flim Has Been Modified Logo Screen 11. Universal Logo (Evan Almighy Variant) 12. Spyglass Entertainment Logo (Evan Almighty Variant) 13. Original Flim Logo (Evan Almighty Variant) 14. Shady Acres Entertainment Logo (Evan Almighty Variant)

Opening To Evan Almighty 2007 DVD

Here's the order: 1. Any Views Or Opinions Expressed screen 2. Universal Previews screen 3. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie trailer 4. Bring It On: In It To Win It trailer (UGH!) 5. The Office: Season 3 DVD promo 6. HD DVD promo 7. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning screen 8. DVD Menu 9. MPAA PG screen 10. Universal Pictures logo 11. Spyglass Entertainment logo 12. Original Film logo 13. Shady Acres logo

Mighty Joe Young (1999) VHS Previews

@ Disney Enterprises Inc Time Stramp: January 20, 1999 Label Type: Horizontal Ink Opening preview from the 1999 VHS release of "Mighty Joe Young" (1998). 1. Green FBI Warnings (late 90's) 2. Walt Disney Home Video logo 3. "Coming Soon to Theaters" 4. "Inspector Gadget" theatrical preview 5. "Now Available to Own on Videocassette" 6. "The Parent Trap" VHS preview 7. "The Rescuers" VHS preview 8. "Coming Soon to Own on Videocassette" 9. "A Bug's Life" VHS preview 10. "Alice in Wonderland/Robin Hood" VHS preview 11. "Disney's Sing Along Songs: Film's Musical Adventure" VHS preview 12. "Feature Presentation" 13. "This Film Has Been Modified" 14. Walt Disney Pictures Logo 15. RKO Pictures logo (Beginning of film)

Opening Previews to Evan Almighty (2007) DVD

1. Universal Previews Logo 2. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggietales Movie Trailer 3. Bring It On 4 Trailer 4. The Office Seasons 1-3 Trailer 5. HD DVD Ad

At the beginning of Evan Almighty (2007)

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