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前回アップロードした動画はフルコンボ表示の部分がエクセレントになっていた為、修正いたしました! 正直、解禁したらエクセ狙ってみますが速いタムの移動が問題ですね! あれさえ全パフェでハマってくれれば全然あると思います! 9.90の中ではまだ、比較的クリアフルコンボ共に優しいのではないかと思いました!

[Pop'n music 50 EX] 辿る君を超えて 96903 5bad


Pop'n Music - H Classic 4 「Concertare」 Random

I was impressed by that popular video (This one: https://youtu.be/mIuh5Y79FZA) about ten years ago and finally I did it :). Apart from this little achievement, this video would probably be my last video in Arcade Game Centre, as one of the largest Arcade Game Centre in Hong Kong will be closed on 31 May 2016. :( Sigh. :(

Driver Defends Flying Through Streets in Tricked Out VW Bug

A hooked-up Volkswagen Bug with 35-inch wheels flew over hills, sped down residential streets and drove up embankments. The driver careened through neighborhoods and parking lots on a quiet morning in San Diego. Blake Wilkey claims he took all necessary precautions when he got behind the wheel. "We scanned the streets making sure there was no one out and about doing yard work or kids out," he said. He got slapped with 26 violations including reckless driving and conspiring to commit a crime.

[Pop'n music S-RAN] Strayed Catz EX


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