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前回アップロードした動画はフルコンボ表示の部分がエクセレントになっていた為、修正いたしました! 正直、解禁したらエクセ狙ってみますが速いタムの移動が問題ですね! あれさえ全パフェでハマってくれれば全然あると思います! 9.90の中ではまだ、比較的クリアフルコンボ共に優しいのではないかと思いました!

[Pop'n music S-RAN] L-an!ma EX Clear


Pop'N Music Unstoppable The Movie Clips: AWVR 1206 VS AWVR 777 & 767 the Runaway Freight Train

This is a Second Movie after SuperMarioLogan The Movie was released on YouTube. Plot While moving a train pulled by AWVR AC4400CW's #777 and #767 at the Veteran Allegheny and West Virginia Railroad (AWVR) trainyard in the fictional city of Fuller, Pennsylvania, the two hostlers, RIE-chan and SANAE-chan, take ill-advised shortcuts and accidentally allow the engine to leave the train-yard on its own power without the air brakes engaged. Initially believing the train to be a "coaster", yardmaster Sumire orders RIE-chan, SANAE-chan, and chief welder Sakiko Kasuga to drive and catch up the train to stop it. When Sakiko Kasuga finds that the train has already passed where it was supposed to be, they realize that the train is running on full power and now poses a dangerous threat. RIE-chan and SANAE-chan manage to catch up to 777 using a high railing truck but fail to board the train in time. Sumire alerts MZD, director of operations for AWVR, and also instructs the local and state police and sheriffs to secure all the grade crossings to prevent injury. Visiting Federal Railroad Administration safety inspector Marinwarns that 8 cars being pulled by 777 contain highly toxic, and highly flammable molten phenol which would be a major disaster if the train should crash or derail in a populated area. Triple 7 is also filled with around 5000 gallons of diesel fuel which also poses a serious threat. News of the runaway train soon becomes a media event. However, Sumire suggests they purposely derail the train, but MZD disagrees and believes they can safely stop the train by lashing it behind two slower-moving diesel engines helmed by veteran engineer Bisko/BIS子, slowing it down long enough for AWVR employee and former U.S. Marine Shoko to descend via helicopter to 777's cab and stop the train manually. Though the lashing initially works, a sudden hard bump knocks Shoko out and derails the two diesel engines, causing them to explode, which ultimately kills Bisko/BIS子 in the process. They realize that 777, traveling at its current speed, will certainly derail on "Devil's Curve", a tight, elevated portion of track in the middle of the city of Stanton and would supposedly crash into a large fuel depot near the curve on the eastern side of the state. Plans are made to purposely derail the train outside the town of Arklow using a portable derailer. Cast Nyami as Frank Barnes, a veteran railroad engineer Mimi as Will Colson, a young train conductor Sumire as Connie Hooper, a train yardmaster Sakiko Kasuga as Ned Oldham, a railroad lead welder RIE-chan as Dewey, a hostler who accidentally instigates the disaster MZD as Oscar Galvin, vice-president of AWVR train operations Cosine as Scott Werner, an FRA inspector who helps Frank, Will, and Connie Milk as Bunny, a railroad operations dispatcher SANAE-chan as Gilleece, Dewey's friend, also a hostler Miari Yumeno as Darcy Colson, Will's estranged wife Bisko/BIS子 as Judd Stewart, a veteran engineer who dies in an attempt to slow the runaway Uno as Groundman, a railroad ground specialist Sora Hoshino and Hiarki Nijino as Maya and Nicole Barnes, Frank's daughters who work as waitresses at Hooters Shoko as Ryan Scott, a railway employee and US Marine veteran of the war in Afghanistan who attempts unsuccessfully to board the runaway from a helicopter Doraemon (Special Guest) as Railroad Safety Campaign Coordinator Mimi's Parents (Trauma Punk) as Jesse Colson, Will's brother who helps him on his family situation

Pop'n Music Evans EX 9,79 Full Combo

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[Pop'n music S-RAN] 100sec. kitchen Battle! H Speed x1.0


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