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20 SECRET Apps for Android!

Here are the 20 SECRET Apps for Android! Another 5 SECRET Apps 2018 00:32 Amazon Underground: 01:19 Whatscan: 02:00 Boot Animation: 02:45 Adguard: 03:23 ShowBox: 04:00 Cryptography: 04:50 WA Tweaks: 06:12 LMT Launcher: 07:08 FILDO: 07:51 Net Cut: 08:27 PixelKnot: 09:06 Aptoide Lite: 09:47 Pixel Off: 10:21 Lucky Patcher: 11:26 Videoder: 12:12 F Droid: 12:54 File Chef: 13:41 Instwogram: 14:23 Parallel Space: 15:32 Official TWRP App: (Some Apps are Shown for educational purposes only. I'm not endorsing their use.) Best Android Phone 2017 Install iOS on Any Android ============================================= Subscribe and give a support :) ✔ Subscribe ✔ Facebook ✔ Twitter ✔Instagram ============================================= -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Nehru Place | Macbook Pro Skin Under ₹ 150 | Let's Explore #1" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

How to Empty Hidden TRASHCAN on Android to free up internal storage / memory

**READ the Description Below B4 Watching !!!!!!!!!! UPDATE 09/21/2018 MOCK VIDEO JUST CAME OUT UPDATE.... helps mostly LG phones. USE THE FOUR METHODS LISTED BELOW.......... you can skip the interesting commentary below by scrolling down until you see the line **********) This video was about INTERNAL memory, not external. This video is about a temporary internal memory issue which lasted ONE FULL DAY, OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Only comments helpful to freeing tied up memory are welcome, others will be automatically deleted. Call 911 if you require medical attention because of your smartphone. before posting a comment, make sure it is not one of the bonehead remarks already posted.... "delete your porn collection" (real original) "seems to be a LG issue (look at first line of video description)", "my phone is better", 16gigs is not enough" "Android OS stinks" "the 3 min vid is too long" , "all you did was delete thumbnails"(fav comment from idiots - ever see a 1 gig thumbnail???), "not all androids have the same storage", "my phone is better" "why not buy a bigger SD card" (from idiots who thought this was an external, versus internal memory issue), "buy an I-phone" (real original), "I smell my skidmarks" (not sure what that is about, power to ya!!!), "my dad is bigger than yours" (typical millennial comment - meanwhile they never seen a dad). see method 4 1/2 IF YOU TAKE tons of pics & vids. ******************************************************** Method #1 in your internal memory navigate thru these FOLDERS: "ANDROID" "DATA" "" "FILES" and find ".trashcan", and delete its contents If you can’t find the or the .trashcan folder, they may be hidden, and in your file manager or settings you may have to "unhide" hidden folders. If .trashcan does not exist, or does not have anything in it, go to Method # 2 *************************************************************** Method #2 Delete pics and vids via Gallery Menu. (not much of a method) While in your pic GALLERY, go to he top left menu (small three lines icon) and select to empty the trashcan.. (you were probably unaware of this 7 day picture and video retention feature. For on-demand results, you must delete your gallery pics and videos TWICE, once at the gallery, and a second time via your gallery menu trashcan. ************************************************************* Method #3 (which you've probably done already) Use cleaners like CC Cleaner, or SD Maid. I did not have any luck with SD Maid, but you can try it, there are many other cleaners out there, but none worked for me for this particular situation. ************************************************************* Method 3 1/2 crAPP removal (my favorite) Uninstall as many stupid apps that you do not routinely use.....for example, trip advisor, yelp, map my hike, , games, and other crap like the almost defunct Facebook etc. You can always reinstall these apps via Google-Play. To remove factory preset bloatware apps, you will most likely need to "root" your phone, which i used to do, but don't anymore since droids have significantly increased their internal storage. I recently uninstalled 12 apps and don't miss them at all. I can reinstall them if necessary. ************************************************************* Method #4 Search and Delete. (OLD SCHOOL) If you take alot of videos but cant find them....and you know they are taking up alot of storage, you can try searching for the video extensions: if you take alot of vids and don't know where they went, you can try searching for the extensions AVI FLV WMV MOV MP4 .. If you take alot of pictures but cant find them....and you know they are taking up alot of storage, you can try searching for the picture extensions: JPEG/JFIF. JPEG 2000. Exif. TIFF. GIF BMP. PNG. PPM, PGM, PBM, and PNM. *********************************************************** Method 4 1/2 Time to use a free cloud sucka!!!! ......IF you take tons of pics and videos, then its time to get them off your internal storage and onto your external SD card storage......... ......IF your external SD card storage is used up....its time to get your pics and vids off your droid all together and onto something else, either a laptop, desktop, ......IF you do not know what a laptop or Desktop is, or don't have one.....then its time to move your crap up to a free cloud such as flickr (1 tetra) Google Drive (15gig), or MEGA (15gigs (do not fall for the 50gig bait and switch)). (***do not create multiple google accounts at once....spread it out over a few days, otherwise they will zap your account***). Flickr, Google Drive, and MEGA are free, unless you upgrade etc. I use multiple accounts of google Drive, multiple Mega accounts, and have one Flickr account....all for free.

The Easiest Way to Uninstall Malware on an Android Device [How-To]

How to Quickly & Easily Uninstall Malware [Android] Full Tutorial: Subscribe to Gadget Hacks: In this video, I'll be showing you how to uninstall malware from your Android device—even that dreaded $500 "FBI" ransomware Moneypak virus. Rather than fighting through endless pop-ups, screen-jacking malware, or even general sluggishness, just boot into Safe Mode to make the whole process faster. Follow Gadget Hacks on: Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Follow Android Hacks on: Facebook: Twitter:

How to find hidden apps on android

Android Devices usually come with preinstalled apps which are hidden from users. This preinstalled apps are called the system apps. Sometimes hidden apps consume most of your devices power. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to the Channel 👆👆👆👆 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basically, system apps are apps pre-installed in the phone’s system depending on your ROM. This system apps are very necessary for your android device. System apps are responsible for carrying out operations on your android device. Some android system apps are Google +, Gmail, Hangout, etc. Its possible to remove these system apps, but it's not a good idea, because it might damage your android device. Read the How to on our blog for more information:

How to completely uninstall spy app form your mobile phone | delete any spy app in your phone

this video i am gonna show you how to completely uninstall all type spy apps form your android device , without owner permission ,, you can protect your phone form hacker you can save your all secret data your phone will be stop form spy

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