Black Panther Opens Big in China

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What Koreans Think Of Black Panther | ASIAN BOSS

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Black Panther: 10 Important Things You Missed

Did you catch all these Easter eggs and references in Black Panther? Subscribe to our channel: Black Panther has made a huge impact on the MCU and audiences and it’s only just hit the big screen. A critical and commercial success, it’s likely we’ll be seeing more of T’Challa and Wakanda after Thanos’ war comes to an end in the final two Avengers films, which will see Black Panther return. Before that lands though, we analyzed the current film for easter eggs, references and other little moments we think you likely missed when watching the film. For example, what did the children of Wakanda mean when they called Bucky the “White Wolf”? There’s a pretty interesting meaning for it! Killmonger is one of the best MCU villains to date and he has a lot of history and motivation. There’s a lot of connective tissue between him and his Panther costume though and even more with the mask he stole in London early on in the film. There’s also a cool little fun fact concerning T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka and the actors who played him. There’s also a connection to the Oscar winning film Moonlight and how it ties back to Panther director Ryan Coogler. His reasoning for opening the film in Oakland is also important for real world history buffs-and comic book fans! There’s also a subtle reference to Doctor Strange towards the end of the film and a little nod towards the beloved film Back to the Future II courtesy of T’Challa’s sister, Shuri. One character had his name changed to be less, well...racist, compared to his original comic book roots and some arcs and images from the movie were pulled straight from the comic book page. Our Social Media: Our Website

Black Panther 2 Has a Solid Direction According to Kevin Feige

COME SEE THE CREW LIVE THIS THURSDAY!! A bunch of news dropped from Marvel today including Kevin Feige’s thoughts on the impending merger with Fox, Captain Marvel 2 being a 90s action movie and Black Panther 2 already having a “solid direction”. Feige gave a political answer when asked about the possibility of having all the Marvel properties back in the fold, but he did hint at the end that it would be “fun” which is leading many to speculate that plans are already in place. Captain Marvel 2 is being looked at as an action comedy with a 90s action movie vibe to it in the vein of Terminator 2. Does this mean we’ll get more VFX than CGI. There have already been conversations and explorations of what a Black Panther 2 storyline would be and there are so many ways to go. John Rocha and Mark Reilly sit down to parse out all this news and offer their opinions on all of it and highlight what excites them the most about it. They bring up possible storylines that Feige could pursue if the Fox deal goes through. They explain what a “90s action movie” vibe means to each of them in terms of look and aesthetic. And they bring up what we might see in a Black Panther 2 movie with Bucky and a new Wakanda with open borders. Let us know what you think about all this news in the Comments section below and about what Rocha and Reilly had to say. Remember to Like and Share this video on your social media and to Subscribe to our channel. Follow Rocha: Follow Reilly: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook: As the online source for movies, television, breaking news, incisive content, and imminent trends, Collider is more than an essential destination. Visit Collider: Follow the site on Twitter: Subscribe to the SCHMOES KNOW channel: And for even more great Collider Video content, check out our weekly schedule below and follow the links to peruse episodes both old and new. We’re your go-to destination for all things fandom. COLLIDER MOVIE TALK - Weekdays 12PM ET / 9AM PT Entertainment News, Roundtable discussion and debate COLLIDER HEROES - Mondays & Wednesdays 5PM ET / 2PM PT The latest news and speculation in the world of comic book movies, television, and graphic novels COLLIDER JEDI COUNCIL - Thursdays 5PM ET / 2PM PT What's new in the Star Wars universe and what we can expect from all the upcoming movies, novels, comics and more MOVIE TRIVIA SCHMOEDOWN - Tuesdays & Fridays 5PM ET / 2PM PT Head-to-head game show that turns trivia into a fierce competition Plus MOVIE & TV REVIEWS, INTERVIEWS, BREAKING NEWS, EDITORIALS, MAILBAG, MOVIE COMMENTARIES, VR GAMING, COMIC BOOK SHOPPING, THE TOP 50 SUPERHERO MOVIES OF ALL TIME, and much more each week. Subscribe today!

What Chinese Think Of Black Panther

Black Panther is Finally on screens in China.. We decided to ask Chinese people what they think of the Black Panther Movie.. PLEASE LIKE COMMENT & SHARE Please Kindly support this Channel by donating to our Patreon page: BACKGROUND MUSIC: FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM PAGE:

All BLACK PANTHER Suits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Until Avengers: Infinity War 2018)

Wakanda Forever! Credits for some images go to Accurate MCU:

Black Panther had a blockbuster opening day in China, pulling $22.7 million.
Ryan Coogler's Marvel adventure had one of the best openings in China's box office history.
Though Black Panther will likely fall behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War in Chinese ticket sales, the latest Marvel film is projected to pull in about $70 million this weekend in China alone.
So far Black Panther has earned about $420 million internationally, just ahead of its fourth week in theaters.
But it's already pulled in $940 million worldwide, when you count the North American box office.
Should the film draw a big crowd this weekend, it may pass the $1 billion mark in ticket sales.

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