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Nerf War: AK-47 Nerf Gun Battle

Nerf War: AK-47 Nerf Gun Battle, brought to you by PDK Films! In this Nerf War, Ben and Pat get in a Nerf AK47 gun battle over a burrito. Subscribe for more Nerf War videos! #nerf #nerfsquad #pdkfilms #kingkousky Join Nerf Squad and subscribe to PDK Films to get all of our new Nerf videos, and remember to turn on post notifications! Also subscribe to my gaming channel: King Kousky. King Kousky ► Nerf Squad videos ► Nerf blasters and merch ► Business inquiries ► About PDK Films: My name is Paul Kousky and I’m the director of PDK Films, which is the biggest Nerf channel on YouTube! I make all kinds of crazy Nerf videos with Nerf blasters, and I’m known for creating the popular Nerf Squad and Nerf First Person Shooter series on YouTube. If you like Nerf then be sure to join Nerf Squad by subscribing to PDK Films, and remember to check out my gaming channel: King Kousky. Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Thank you for watching my Nerf videos!

เล่นโยนขวดแถวบ้านขั้นไม่เทพ FLIP BATTLE


อ้วน VS ผอม จอมซน

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Nerf War: Airplane Rescue

In this video, one team is nearly killed during a battle. Luckily, they are able to call for reinforcements. Will they arrive on time or will it be too late? Subscribe for more videos at the beginning of every month! Thanks for watching! Instagram: laliberte_cinemas Special thanks to NCM Epic Music Ender Guney for the music! Link to the song: Link to the channel:

Hehaa Ranger

ติดตามคุยกับพวกเราได้ที่เเฟนเพจเฮฮาทีวี สามารถติดตาม คัลเลอร์ วัน (Color One Official) ได้ที่...

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