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DIY Lost Model Beacon. How to build one.....

Another crappy 'how to' video. This time, it's how to build the Lost Model Beacon. Arduino sketch is available from here: You'll need the following: Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v Arduino data transmitter 433mhz Antenna 1s (3.7v) lipo or similar Baofeng UV-5R for receiving the beacon signal You can use an Arduino Pro Mini 5v and a UBEC with power from your main flight battery but I don't recommend it - If your flight battery gets ejected in a crash, you'll lose your tracking ability!

Arduino Spectrum Analyser 240MHz~930MHz

低成本頻譜偵測 Arduino + Nokia5110LCD + SI4432 Arduino Spectrum Analyser 240~930 MHz

Радиомодули SI4432 от, обзор

Обзор радиомодульей на однокристальных трансиверах SI4432 из магазина // код // купить // скидка Code:Alexics Discount Amount: 12% Max Use: 1 No Min Order Started Date: 12th July, 2016 Ended Date: 12th September, 2016 поддержать канал материально.

How to copy a 433MHz signal with an Arduino board

This method is very simple and only requires a few components : I used an Arduino UNO board, a XY-FST RF emitter module and a XY-KM-5V RF receiver module. The method using audacity is very simple too but requires some resistors : the output voltage of the module can go up to 4V so I had to decrease it with a voltage divider to 1V maximum (for the audio input of my computer's soundcard) All arduino and processing codes used in this project can be found here :

Si446x Expert Tricks – Improving RF Transceiver Sensitivity with Frequency Hopping

How do you achieve very high sensitivity with your EZRadioPRO transceiver? You can achieve extremely narrow bandwidths and improve sensitivity with standard GFSK modulation. Achieve this by using standard TCXO or XTALs and afrequency hopping technique. Without frequency hopping, the application would require a very expensive, and highly accurate TCXO to achieve this narrow bandwidth. The sensitivity (-135dBm, Ultra Narrow Band Sensitivity, 0.1% BER) is achieved using standard 2GFSK.

В видео описан функционал конструкции генератора на основе Ардуино и модуля Si4432. Рабочий диапазон 240-960МГц.

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