PRO PLAYERS will NEVER FORGET these GOD plays (ft Imaqtpie, Sneaky, Bjergsen, BoxBox...)

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Spor Tarihinde En Komik, İlginç, Sıradışı Anlar ● Top 20

Spor Tarihinde En Komik, İlginç, Sıradışı Anlar ● Top 20 İyi Seyirler.. ♫ Music: Archie - Main Street Spor Delisi HD © 2016


From athletes to gamers who failed miserably after celebrating too early! #NeverCelebrateTooEarly ✔️ Care to subscribe? ✔️ Turn on notifications and never miss any upcoming videos! Never celebrate too early top 25: #25 Indoor football goalkeeper celebrates too early. #24 Escape on a boat in Friday the 13th video-game #23 Basketball - Kemba Walker from the Hornets ne.arly scores. #22 Olympic Wintergames 2014 in Sochi featuring Erica Terpstra who is cheering for Nicolien Sauerbreij and celebrates too soon. #21 ESPN X Games in Los Angeles. Motor crosser ruins her chance on a golden medal because of celebrating too early, right before the finish-line. #20 UFGT8 - Wolfkrone vs Ricky Ortiz "What are you standing up for?" #19 Our first house - "You celebrated too early". #18 American football athlete Kaelin Clay in Utah scores a touch-down, and celebrates too soon. #17 Basketball player Nick Young (Lakers) shoots and thinks he scores. #16 Miss Universe 2015 - Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez vs Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. Host Steve Harvey crowned the wrong winner. #15 Runner in Oregon celebrates too early and ends up second place. #14 Goalkeeper celebrates too early. #13 Guilty Gear X during EVO2015 - Woshige vs Ogawazato #12 NLB Finale 2010 in Zagreb - Cibona vs Partizan #11 Oscar award accidentally goes to La La Land instead of Moonlight. #10 Speed stacker forgets to push the button. #9 Guarne 2010 - Speed skater celebrates his victory right before the finish line and loses. #8 All opponents in a Volleyball match are celebrating their victory too early. #7 Junior basketball in Japan. Right before the end-signal is given, the opponent shoots and scores from across the playing field. #6 Bikes celebrates and falls from his bike right before the finish line. #5 Catching up after a huge headstart during a baseball match. #4 Gordon Ramsay in Hells Kitchen - "You surprise me at how shit you are". #3 All-in with Poker - Balkin vs Gayle Baumann. #2 MMA taunting and knockout - Joe Harding vs Johan Sega. #1 Lucky gamer opens up Ronaldo via blue Fifa 17 pack and destroys TV right after. Recommended videos: ● Top 10 Prank Fails : ● Top 10 OH SHIT moments: ● Top 100 Soccer Fails: ● Top 5 dumbest LINGO candidates: ● Top 10 idiots at Work: Social media: ► FACEBOOK: ► INSTAGRAM: ► GOOGLE+ : ► TWITTER: Music: ► O M II N - Sunset (outro)

What Pros Can Do Whit Teemo (Ft Faker,Imaqtpie,Doublelift,Rush...)

So FUN When Pro Player play Teemo (Ft Faker,Imaqtpie,Doublelift,Rush...) ❤ Help me reach to 200k Subscriber : ❤ Follow me on Google Plus : ❤ Submit your videos : ❤ Fb : Business : --------------- League of Legends Top Fails | Episode 1 - Apocalyptic Games And TheRealNeon kexykathe Dosty KaiKubix3 ToniVava fgt101 Zephyrolol Confidential jmlemmer dougie7 Lastr3s jdogg914 supportivity HighT3chAmish infcredible MrRisePlays ETETourist mechacharizard SylverMouse --------------- --------------- ► Music : Kevin MacLeod - Spazzmatica Polka ]All is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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