Ayyan Ali Sizzling Photoshoot with World's Famous Arab Model Omar Borkan

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Chai Wala Arshad Khan ab kis haal main hy

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Don’t Judge Me Challenge Arab Boys Edition! - Reaction

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Omar Borkan Al Gala( Омар Боркан Аль Гала)

Top Stars Родился: 23 сентября 1989 г. 17 апреля сего года полиция нравов Саудовской Аравии дала рождение новой звезде интернета. На фестивале народной культуры в городе Эр-Рияда доблестные стражи морали ворвались в шатер Омара с целью поимки нелегально находившиейся там художницы. Помимо искомого полицейские обнаружили в шатре трех непристойно красивых мужчин, чья внешность по их мнению могла отрицательно сказаться на нравственности местных дам. В итоге все четверо были депортированы из страны. Из троих опасных красавцев лишь один стал интернет-звездой. Омар Боркан Аль Гала, актер, поэт и фотограф из Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов, опубликовал ссылку на эту новость на Facebook и сообщил что он один из этих героев. Теперь весь мир теперь обсуждает его внешность, а женщины из разных стран мира требуют депортировать героя скандала именно в их город. Больше фото можно увидеть на страничке Омара в Facebook

Top 10 Most Handsome Men in The World ✔

Best Funny Videos Collection for Android App =► http://bit.ly/FunnyVideosApp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in The World - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in The World 2017 - 2018 Check out Top 100 Most Handsome Man in The World 2016 =► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE8HAtFaa1s Let’s see some of the Top 10 Most handsome boys in the world in 2016-2017: Number 10. Tom Hiddleston Tom Hiddleston was born on 9th February 1981, in United Kingdom. He is a model and actor. He is a good looking guy who is really appreciated for his handsome looks. He was successful in winning the award for Best Newcomer in a Play Olivier Award. He has also given some of the successful movies like The Deep Blue Sea (2011), Midnight in Paris (2011), and Only Lovers Left Alive (2013). He is asuccessful actor from United Kingdom. Number 9. Omar Borkan Al Gala Omar Borkan Al Gala was born on 23rd September1989, in Iraq. He is really a handsome boy who has very deep and piercing eyes. He can really catch attention of most of the ladies with his romantic styles. He is a very good model. He has done his schooling in Dubai from Abu Obaida Ahjarah School. He also has a story of being expelled from a festival event as he was looking very handsome and ladies were getting attracted towards him at an event. Number 8. Niall Horan Niall Horan was born on 13th September 1993, in Ireland. He is well known guitarist and singer. He is very cute and attractive boy. He has very heart touching blue eyes which can easily attract the girls. He really has one of the perfect styles and really knows a good dressing style. Number 7. Godfrey Gao Godfrey Gao was born on 22nd September 1984, in Taiwan. He is model and actor from Canada. He is very handsome guy with very good personality. He has a very pleasant smile. Many of the girls are really a huge fan of this good looking boy. He has studied in North Vancouver from Capilano University. Number 6. Chris Evans; Chris Evans was born on 13th June 1981, in United States. He is an actor from America. He is an extremely good looking handsome boy who has very attractive blue eyes. He has very nice cheeks and has a large number of girl fans. Before working in films, he was working in television series named “Opposite Sex”. He has worked also in various films like Caption America : Civil War, The Paper Boy, Fierce People, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, etc. His different hairstyle has always been a center of attraction. Number 5. Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan was born on 10th January 1974, in India. He is a very famous film actor from India. Hrithik is really a cutest and hottest boy, who has a very nice body. He has very attractive eyes and smile. Many girls went crazy for this handsome guy when he first appeared on screen in his first movie in India named “Kaha naa Pyar Hai”. Number 4. Prince William Prince William was born on 21st June 1982, in United Kingdom. He is a very good looking person with very innocent smile. He has a very good personality which really attracts many of the women. He has also served in the Royal Air Force Service for some time. At Royal Air force Service he was graduated from Defense Helicopter Flying School. He is really a very charming person. Number 3. Noah Mills Noah Mills was born on 26th April 1983, in Canada. He is very good model and actor. He has a very handsome guy with a very cute smile on his face. His gentle attitude is really liked my many girls. He has one of the good of dressing. He started modeling when he was studying in University. Number 2. Ian Somerhalder Ian Somerhalder was born on 8th December 1978, in United States. He is model, actor and director. He is a very good looking person with amazing blue eyes and perfect hairstyle. He has many of the women fans who never miss his movies. He started his modeling career from very small age of 12 to 14 years. Number 1. Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson was born on 13th May 1986, in United Kingdom. He is a model, most handsome actor and musician. He is a very handsome boy who has really rocked the film world. His descent look and mesmerizing eyes have really made girls crazy. He started his modeling career at a small age of 12 years. LET'S CONNECT with TOP x BEST: Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+TopxBest Facebook ► https://facebook.com/TOPxBEST Twitter ► https://twitter.com/TOPxBEST Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/TOPxBEST/

Top 5 Facts About Omar Borkan Al Gala || The Most Handsome Man In The World

The Abundant World Presents,Top 5 Facts About Omar Borkan Al Gala || The Most Handsome Man In The World. Please subscribe us : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZ36r4mdxQzIBJ46cKlPsQ A Gulf man who hit the headlines in recent years for his good looks is now showing off his family life on social media after getting married to a Saudi fashion designer. Omar Borkan Al Gala became known in 2015 as being “too handsome for Saudi Arabia” It was reported that he was kicked out of the kingdom for his looks. Al Gala has taken to social media to post pictures of his wife named Yasmin and baby boy Diyab, although never showing the baby’s face. 5. Omar Al Gala had got a Mercedes G55 in his birthday from a unknown woman. 4. In Canada,he worked on a calendar for women rights along with different projects 3. He recently got married to a Saudi fashion designer. And leading a happy married life. 2. He launched his first model career into international stardom. After leaving his country. 1. Dubai fashion photographer and actor Omar Borkan Al Gala has been deported from Saudi Arabia for being deemed too handsome. For music credit goes to : Music provided by Frequency Track: Mabeha & Ulchero - Taste Of The Sun Link: https://youtu.be/oh6G2rdB1Oc

Ayyan Ali Sizzling Photoshoot with World's Famous Arab Model Omar Borkan..

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