MY HEART IS BROKEN... | The Last Guardian #22 (FINAL)

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FINAL ENDING | Grab Some Tissues! | The Last Guardian | Marz Plays

This is the Final Ending to The Last Guardian! You will absolutely need some tissues! Wow, was this a beautiful and magical journey or what?! I'm so glad all of you supported me and urged me to stick through this game because, it was absolutely worth every second of it! Thank you guys for all your continual support 😊 Subscribe + Leave a Like for More! ________________________________________ Join the Marz Fam’ for more Casual Let’s Plays, Vlogs and other odds and ends! Costarring - Luka the Barking Doggo ________________________________________ ►|FOLLOW ME| Instagram → ►|OUTRO SONG| Zen Valley → Josh Kirsch

LET'S HUNT SOME GIANTS! | Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough | Part 1

The Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake has just dropped and you know what that means! Time to go on a brand new adventure and kick some Colossus butt, let's do this!... Check out my social media! Twitter ☢ Instagram ☢ Discord ☢ Patreon ☢ (This page simply exist because some of you stated you would like to help the channel out, all pledges will be going towards the improvement of the channel) Outro Song ~ The Headnod Fantastic - Otis McDonald Stay rad, my friends! :3

Gamers Reactions To Agro Falling Of The Broken Bridge | Shadow Of The Colossus

Gamers reactions to Wander's faithful horse Agro heroically saving him before falling of a broken bridge into the Canyon below, in the game Shadow Of The Colossus. Click here to subscribe! ► Featured gamers 1 - Super Best Friends Play - 2 - GameGrumps - 3 - Marz - 4 - Alyce Rocha - 5 - TetraNinja - 6 - NukaEle - 7 - 8 Bites - 8 - jacksepticeye - 9 - GameRiot - ►Intro Music: Oh Wonder Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix) YouTube - Download - ►Outro music Instrumental produced by Chuki - ► Support the channel by leaving a like if you enjoyed this video!▼

The Last Guardian Trico vs. Second Guardian

The Last Guardian Trico vs. Second Guardian PATREON Subscribe Here Twitch Channel Here Twitter

CAN'T FIGHT THE FEELS... | Detroit: Become Human Gameplay | Part 11

We're so close to the end but will it all end in disaster?... Check out my social media! Twitter ☢ Instagram ☢ Discord ☢ Want to help the channel out? Patreon ☢ Outro song ☢ Rest - Otis McDonald Stay rad, my friends! :3

The end to a phenomenal game, words cannot describe how incredible this journey has been, I'm gonna miss Trico so damn much...
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