Super Smash Bros Ultimate ALL NEW CHARACTER TRAILERS (Switch)

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Cutscenes Movie All Characters Trailers (Switch & Wii U)

All character trailers for Super Smash Bros Ultimate & Smash Bros 4 for Nintendo Switch & Wii U in 1080p & 60 fps. The video shows every cinematic cutscene for new fighters: Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Richter, King K Rool, Daisy, Dark Samus, Chrom, Villager, Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina & Luma, Little Mac, Greninja, Mii Fighter Palutena, PAC-MAN, Robin, Shulk, Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin & Bayonetta.

WarioWare Gold FINAL BOSS & ENDING (3DS)

TIME FOR THE BIG FIGHT! It's the ultimate showdown with Wario himself in the final boss battle on Wario Ware Gold on Nintendo 3DS! #WarioWareGold #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS

Smash Kingdom Mayhem

Half Super Smash Bros., half Mushroom Kingdom, all Mayhem! Chaos ensues in this 8-Player Battle Between Mario, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi and more! ❤ Subscribe to never miss a new Mario Mayhem video! ►Facebook ►Twitter ►Patreon *****This is a PARODY of Nintendo/Super Smash Bros. All Characters, music and sound belong to Nintendo. No infringement of any sort is intended in this non-profit, personal use vid.***** A note from LevelUP: THIS TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE XD!!! But now that I already have all the sprites created, future episodes will come out so much faster!

WHAT IF Luigi Had Other FINAL SMASHES? (Super Smash Bros Mods)

Luigi's Negative Zone puts opponents to sleep and you're free to attack them which is cool but What If Luigi Had Other Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros? Luigi tries some new Final Smash moves out to see what fits him best. Some are quite bizarre! Some of these smash mods are Overpowered mods, some are a bit balanced amd spme are unique. From now to Smash Switch, enjoy Super Smash Bros Content at least once a week until it's released which I'll cover the game of course. This is the Road To Smash Switch! (Aka Sma5h Road) Mods used in this video: Nightmare Luigi - New Final Smash SpectralLuigi V1 Elemental Luigi Green Thunder SMBZ Luigi Moveset V1.1 SpectralLuigi V1.5 PSA Caos [L]eggenda WEEGEE!!! Thunder Hand Luigi Evil Luigi Negative weegee V3 Du Du Luigi V.2 ►Donate WITHOUT Money ►Or Send a Tip ►MOH #1 Fans: (Feel free to share your videos) ► (Follow me) ►More Smash Bros Mod Videos ►Breath of the Wild Playlist ►Nintendo Switch Videos ►Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Videos Follow me on Social Networks! ►Instagram: ►Instagram: ►Twitter ►Facebook:

10 Things Daisy CAN Do That Peach CAN'T

These are The Gamer's 10 Things Daisy CAN Do That Peach CAN'T. Who do you like better, Peach or Daisy? Should Daisy get her own game or be included in Super Smash Bros.? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments section below! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! Subscribe now to TheGamer! Why not try out ThePremium Network for free: GET MORE AWESOME VIDEOS AT: The Gamer: Screen Rant: The Talko: The Richest: The Richest Espanol: The Things: The Sportster: The Trendy: The Hub: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Princess Peach has been the leading female in the Super Mario franchise for multiple decades now. While she may be the star, there is a large legion of fans who love Princess Daisy even more. Many people may see them as similar characters, but there are plenty of things that make Daisy even better. Princess Daisy has a true connection with mother nature and the ability to use all kinds of flower powers, especially when playing sports. Princess Peach is constantly getting kidnapped while Daisy has the ability to evade this. Daisy is great in many different sport games, but she excels like no other in soccer. Despite being the star, Princess Peach was pushed aside as Daisy was chosen for the starring role in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Peach sticks close to her inner circle while Daisy as proven she can branch out and befriend several other characters in the franchise. Peach has been tormented by Bowser for years, but Daisy stood up to him and proved she couldn’t be taken advantage of. Daisy has also learned from her mistakes in both life and the relationship department. This has led her to a long term relationship with Luigi. Daisy may also be hiding a secret no one is aware of: her hidden third eye. Daisy stays strong under pressure while Peach has been known to cry...a lot. Watch to see all the reasons and proof that Daisy is better than Peach and let the Princess feud begin! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Script by: Alan Donahue Voice Over by: Justin Freitas Edited by: Kyle West Our Social Media: Our Website

EVERYONE IS HERE! From Ridley to Snake, Daisy and more, check out all the incredibly hype new characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch!


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