20th Century Fox (1981-1994)

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"20th Century Fox" (1965) With Dark Sky and 1981-1994 Fanfare (Extended Version)

20th Century Fox logo (1981) [with extended fanfare]

Taken from The Pirate Movie (1982), the first film to utilize Lionel Newman's version of the fanfare that was extended with CinemaScope [originally composed by Alfred Newman]. I do not own this material, it belongs to its original owner. For entertainment purposes only.

20th Century Fox (1981, 1953 logo) with the Re-Arranged Cinemascope Fanfare

Taken from ''History of the World: Part 1''. Old title: "20th Century Fox logo (1997 1981) 1953 variant with 30th Leonardo Lopez fanfare"

20th Century Fox '81 long - film clean-up project (1/31/16)

This was also seen on '81-'94 films and I think a tiny amount of reprints. This has the 1982 extended fanfare. One noticable cheezy factor about these extended versions is that the logo reverses and on some instances, repeats, btw, CLG Wiki.

20th Century Fox logo (1981) [with regular 1979 fanfare] (HD)

Taken from the Blu-ray release of The King of Comedy (1983), directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro. I do not own this material, no copyright infringement intended.

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