[Pop'n music 49 EX] Elemental Creation Perfect!!!

author rustin ation   3 год. назад

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[Pop'n music 49 EX] BabeL ~ Next Story ~ 1bad

중반에 실수로 핸드폰을 쳤는지 도중에 각도가 돌아갑니다.ㅠ,ㅠ Player:SIBAL Option:Mirror 평소에 안 틀리던 곳에서 1베드나고 뒤에 다 이어지니 너무 어이가 없네요...

[Pop'n music 50 EX] Chaos:Q Clear!!!!

Player:Rustin Camera:HAZE

Elemental Creation (A) MAX-114 [4146] / played by DOLCE. / beatmania IIDX23 copula [手元付き]

Elemental Creation / dj TAKA meets DJ YOSHITAKA | Player - DOLCE. | 撮影&編集 - シロさん | 1:57~の運指に自分でも笑ってしまった。 IIDX動画マイリスト SINOBUZ → https://goo.gl/bPmbDT copula → https://goo.gl/DKAsP7 PENDUAL → https://goo.gl/xWj2nv その他 → https://goo.gl/ZeVxMa dolce_iwate Channel https://goo.gl/MJg4CX Twitter https://twitter.com/dolce_iwate

[pop'n music] C18H27NO3 (EX) 鏡 PERFECT!!

와 진짜 이게 퍼펙이 나올줄이야... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그냥 풀콤영상 찍고 싶었던건데 굿이 안나서 퍼펙해버렸어요(?) 달성일자 17.04.15 AM 01:13 정확히 국내 몇 호인지는 모르겠네요 ㅠ

97K Cowboy : Blue River EX (43), incredible Pop'n'music

Here is probably one of the best Pop'n'music video I ever seen, RoBo, an incredible Pop'n player, get a 97K on the hardest song of all Pop'n'music...I hope I could meet him one day! You can check his website : http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~aj9s-oosg/ Seriously, this is...insane. RoBo, if you read this, I hope you're going to win the Bemani Top Ranker 2008!! http://popnmusic.fr


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