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Making of Narkasur full video | Bal Gopal Kalasanskrutik Mandal 2018 |How to Make Narkasur Timelapse

This Narkasur was made by Bal Gopal Kalasanskrutik Mandal 2018. To know more informatio. Follow them on Instagram Subscribe Aditya Chari channel here

Gajanan yuvak mandal narkasur powerhouse-goa 2018

Narkasur Vadh - Art by Sandeep

Narkasur competition Margao goa 2017 _ 1st prize winner

From the eyes of Samsung galaxy s7 ^ Y_Naik On 17 October 2017 Margao South Goa Video by:: world strongest man_(YUGAL Naik)

Shree GAJANAN Yuvak Mandal



Narkasur, a demon king, prays to Lord Bhramha; and gets a boon not to be defeated by the Devas. Hence, he goes to Indra's mother and takes away her symbolic ear rings saying that he can only give it back if he is conquered by Devas. The Devas go to Lord Bhramha and Bhramha says that he has given a boon not to be conquered by Devas but not by Humans. Hence, they can seek help of Krishna. He will do the job for them. Indra seeks help from Krishna and meets him. Krishna promises to help him. Satyabhama wants to go with Krishna to help him! Krishna agrees. Krishna and Satyabhama reach the kingdom of Narkasur. Narkasur says that who so ever has come to his kingdom will get death. An intense fight goes on between Narkasur and Krishna. Narkasur is killed and the ear rings of mother of Indra are got back. Hence, Satyabhama and Krishna set for Swarg Lok. See it astonishingly presented in Krishna serial by Ramanand Sagar.

Narkasur effigies made by the locals of Panaji city on the eve of Diwali and glimpses of the 30th Annual Narkasur Competition held near Mahalaxmi Temple, Panaji Goa on 5th Nov 2018

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In the order of appearances, as identified by the commenters on this video
1) Gold Star Sports Club
2) King Kong Boys - St. Inez

Event Information
In Goa the Narkasur legend of Diwali is well known and is the reason for the Diwali celebrations. Diwali in Goa is marked by Narkachaturdashi, in which huge effigies of the demon Narkasur are built filled with grass, waste paper and crackers and then burnt.
A lot of money is spent on making these effigies. Some institutions conduct Narkasura competitions and give away cash prizes for the best made one.

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