Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe - Chapter 4 - Stokerstov, Transylvania (Cutscenes)

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Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe - Chapter 5 - Annapurna, Nepal & Ending (Cutscenes)

Spider-Man discovers that the evil genius is Mysterio (whom Venom refers to as "bubbleman"), who intends to use his army to take over the world, using each shard of the meteor to make them stronger. Spider-Man decides to temporarily don the Black Suit for the final battle. Ultimately, Spider-Man defeats him and turns the shards over to Fury, who decides to analyze them and refers to the study as "Project Carnage".

Top 5 symbiote transformation

Sorry I forget lots of symbiotes but I wanna make them to if this vid gets good views I will make hybird and others If I can Note: I tought 5 likes will be okay but guys we hit 200 likes awsome Music : zwriek beats-I am a shikekh

Spider-Man PC New-Game Hard Mode No Damage Run-"Spidey VS. Mysterio!"

*** Welcome to my first run on YouTube. For this run, I decided to do a no damage "Spider-Man" run. each day I'll upload one part of it. This part is part 9, it includes the ridiculously hard boss fight with Mysterio (it becomes hard on hard mode, cause he just goes wild with his laser and have to much live, let alone the electrical floors!). The level's name is "Spidey VS. Mysterio!" *** Here it is, the most exciting part in this run! (for me, at least) A sensational fight with the one, the only, MYSTERIO! I personally watched the video like 20 times before uploading it, just because I still can't believe that I've done it, that I succeed beating Mysterio on hard mode (!) without taking any damage! Also, I've noticed a never-before-noticed glitch in the game, I've already got it recorded, but I think that I'll try to record a better version of it. More info later. *** And now for those of you that want a lil' bio for those of you who wanna hear about the history of hard mode no damage run in this game: This is something that was never done before in the world (!), and it's the second time I'm doing it on Hard mode (except for the "Spidey VS. Mysterio" level, I wasn't able to do only this mission on my first run), although I was a bit easy with the rules last time I've done that, probably because I've done it without recording it/anyone watching me doin' it . *** My Old Rules: 1. Taking no damage all the way. 2. Can use retries to farm web cartridges. 3. Damage taken while having the "Spidey Armor" equipped doesn't counts. I used rule 3 in my old run for the "Subway" level, and that's how I lost my "Spidey Armor" for the rest of the game last time. My New/Current Rules: 1. Taking no damage all the way. 2. Can't farm cartridges with retries more than once (I've used it in the level after the "Subway" level to farm one cartridges for a safer start, although I've noticed that I once got a half extra cartridges hen I used a retry in part 4. However, I never used it as part of a strategy and never intended to get it either, also, in part 1, I've lost 5 cartridges using a retry, so I'm letting it go). 3. "Spidey Armor" isn't an excuse for taking damage. (That's why I saved my "Spidey Armor" all the way from the moment I got it in the "Catch Venom" level) 4. Recording all of the cutscenes and in-game guides (I've done that only for making it a perfect run, with all of the in-game's qualities) (I've decided to do it only AFTER I began the game, near the end of the very first level. That's why I skipped it in the beginning of part 1). *** I paused the game a few times to think about a strategy (unlike my first run, in this run I've changed some starts/created some so that you'll have only the best. However, there are few alternative starts that are sometimes easier/safer/both that I can give you if you'll ask. The reason I didn't use this start is because I was running out of web cartridges (and due to rule 2 I can't use it more than once, and I saved it for the level after the subway level to farm one web cartridges for a strategy)/because I thought about it after I've done the actual level/battle. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!

Spider-Man Friend or Foe: Hero Strikes [HD]

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Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions - All cinematics and cutscenes - Part 1

Fury sends Spider-Man to retrieve the shards of meteors. Spider-Man quickly finds that the villains who attacked him and several more of his foes, including Rhino and Scorpion, have been placed under mind control of a mysterious villain. The villain also creates and controls holographic/symbiote combination foot soldiers called P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s (short for Perpetual Holographic Avatar Nano-Tech Offensive Monsters). As Spider-Man fights his enemies one-by-one and rescues them from the mind control, they promise to aid him in finding the villain responsible. As Spider-Man progresses, he obtains more allies such as Black Cat, Iron Fist, Silver Sable, Prowler, Lizard (not portrayed as a villain), and Blade.

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