Composer Interview: Fernando Velázquez

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Composer Interview: Justin Hurwitz

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Janine Jansen - Verbier Festival 2013 - Interview

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Velázquez. El Orfanato. 2008.07.12

"EL ORFANATO". Suite. F.Velázquez ORQUESTA FILARMONÍA CORO ZIRYAB Dir: FERNANDO VELÁZQUEZ IV Congreso Internacional de Música de Cine "Ciudad de Úbeda" Concierto de clausura Patio central del Hospital de Santiago. Úbeda. Jaén. 12 de julio de 2008 Grabado y editado por BSO SPIRIT, ARKA Studio y Singular Soundtrack.

Lo Imposible ..The Impossible..불가능한 것들.. 영화 음악. Fernando Velázquez 작곡.

스페인 밀레니엄 오케스트라 . 지휘 임재식. 첼로 김지훈

Composer Fernando Velázquez's talents and style as a musical storyteller has given us some amazing scores such as The Orphanage, Mama, The Impossible and Crimson Peak among many others. Recently, Fernando continues his collaboration with director J.A. Bayona with A Monster Calls as well as with the fantasy adventure Zip & Zap And The Captain's Island (Zipi y Zape y la Isla del Capitán). Fernando talks about about his background and how he never remembers a time that he didn't want to write film scores. We discuss the differences between Spanish and American cinema, his relationship with J.A. Bayona, how he approached scoring A Monster Calls, and is posed with the question of "will we hear a Fernando Velázquez score for Jurassic World 2?" Fernando's music has brought the films he has scored to vivid and emotional life, and it's an enlightening delight to hear him speak about his craft.

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