Best Music Mix 2018 ✪ 1H Gaming Music Mix ♫♫ Dubstep, Electro House, EDM, Trap

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NCS 24/7 Live Stream 🎵 Gaming Music Radio | NoCopyrightSounds| Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Electro House

NCS 24/7 Live Stream 🎵 Gaming Music Radio | NoCopyrightSounds| Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Electro House This stream is not an official NCS stream. The music in the stream is provided by NCS. ► If you want to support me and my channel and help me pay for the server upkeep, feel free to donate: * Donations are appreciated but never needed. ● Join my Discord server: ● Subscribe to my sister's channel: Artwork by ©KNKL ● Wallpaper: ● NCS ● ● ● ● ● Tracks: Names on the screen Music provided/owned by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: (All the Songs on NCS chanel): Free Download / Stream: If any artist or label has copyright issues with my videos (including artists of the images used), please send an e-mail to: and I will remove it immediately!

[LIVE] Best Of NCS - Best EDM : Gaming Music | Dubstep, Electro House, EDM, Trap

[LIVE] Best Of NCS - Gaming Music | Dubstep, Electro House, EDM, Trap ☞ Follow Magic NCS : Facebook → Subscribe → ♫ Best channel : ☞ Magic Music : ☞ Magic NCS : ☞ Magic Club : ♫ Submit your music here : ───────────────────────── * None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by us. * This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) want to remove this video, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything. We will respectfully remove it. Email :

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Best Electro Swing Mix for 2018 🔥 24/7 Radio 🔥 Chill & Dance Music

Ballistic Music is live streaming Best Electro Swing Mix for 2018 on this 24/7 Electro Swing Radio, we have Peggy Suave, Jamie Berry, Caravan Palace and much more! We hope you enjoy the Electro Swing stream along with some Chill & Dance Electro Swing! 💰 Donate to help me keep the stream going 24/7 📻 Other Ballistic Radios: Electro Swing Radio - Tropical House - Lofi Hip Hop - 🌎 Support Ballistic Music: Subscribe - Discord Server - Twitter - Electro Swing Spotify Playlist - 📺 Most Recent Upload: 🤖 Bot Commands: !stats - See your Stats (Bux, Hours + Rank) !flipbux (amount) - Gamble with your Bux! !bankheist (amount) - Gamble with your Bux! !lead - See who has the most hours and buxs !discord - Discord invite to our server !donate - Donate link to help keep the stream alive !spotify - Link to our Electro Swing Spotify Playlist !sub - Subscribe to the Main Channel !weather (location) - Gets the weather for the location you put 🏅 Ranks: Regular - 5 hours Well Known - 10 hours Watcher - 20 hours Swinger - 30 hours Professional Swinger - 40 hours Swing Artist - 60 hours 24/7 Swinger - 80 hours ❔ FAQ: ---------- Is this stream really 24/7? Yes the stream is 24/7 unless there are technical issues or other issues that occur ---------- Want a song removed or added? Please email me at and I will either remove or add the song as soon as possible! ---------- Can i use the stream in the background of my stream? You can, but at your own risk. I don't own the rights of the songs that are played so im not responsible what happens when you use them. On the other hand you cannot just re-stream my stream. ---------- How long has the stream been going for? We started streaming on the 3rd April 2018 ---------- How many songs are in the playlist? We currently have 200+ songs ---------- What about copryight? We have had issues with copyright and i am in the procsess of contacting the artists and labels, but this does mean there are a limited about of songs. ---------- ⛔ PLEASE NOTE: I do not own any rights to this music, all rights go to the respective artists. 🗨️ Contact me: Twitter - Discord - Parcanss#0941 Email - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #electro #swing #electroswing #radio #electro

Best Music Mix 2018 ✪ 1H Gaming Music Mix ♫♫ Dubstep, Electro House, EDM, Trap
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• 00:00 Noisestorm - Crab Rave |
• 02:35 Aero Chord - Shadows (feat. Nevve) |
• 04:59 Taska Black - We Would Never Do (feat. Nevve) |
• 08:36 WRLD - Hang Up (feat. Savoi) |
• 11:49 Weero – Mates |
• 14:31 Vicetone - Way Back (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) |
• 17:54 HALIENE - Dream In Color |
• 21:15 KUURO - Afraid of the Dark (feat. Sophiya) |
• 24:42 LVTHER - Friends Again (feat. Claire Ridgely) |
• 27:54 Raven & Kreyn – Bubble |
• 30:48 Egzod & Anna Yvette - My City |
• 33:30 Emdi x Coorby - Lonewolf (feat. Kristi-Leah) |
• 36:20 Andromedik - Let Me In |
• 40:03 Lemon Fight - Stronger (feat. Jessica Reynoso) |
• 43:14 Conro – Me |
• 46:51 Kovan - Thrill Is Gone (feat. Mark Borino) |
• 52:50 Electro-Light - Wait For You (feat. Anna Yvette) |
• 54:15 Abandoned & InfiNoise - Night Caller |
• 58:41 Culture Code - Feel Again (feat. Harley Bird) |

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