Warner Bros. Pictures (1937-1948)

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Osmosis Jones - Title Sequence - HD - Michel Gagné

During the production of Osmosis Jones, I came up with an idea to do the opening titles and setting them up in a microscopic world. I pitched the idea to one of the producer and was told that most likely the Farelly brothers' team would be handling that part of the movie (They were filming the live action part of the film). Undeterred, I decided to go ahead on my own time and produce the sequence without permission. I storyboarded and created the animation on paper. Then, I recruited Ryan Woodward to digitally composite the elements, add the camera moves and apply the various filters to produce the final look of the piece. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the folks at Warners to warm up to my idea and the sequence was quickly integrated in the film.

Opening to Batman Beyond: The Movie 1999 VHS [True HQ]

Tape distributor: Warner Home Video [Warner Bros. Family Entertainment] | Tape print date: April 15, 1999 [white sticker label] | It's not a "movie" as it says, it's merely promoted as the series premiere on video

Warner Bros Television Logo History in G Major 7

Videos Coming Soon: Night Time Act: Season 1 Night Time Act: Season 2 Night Time Act: Season 3 Night Time Act: The Movie Night Time Act: Season 4 Night Time Act: Season 5 Night Time Act: Season 6 Night Time Act: The Movie 2 Night Time Act: Season 7 Asleep Warner Bros. Television History AND MORE CAM EFFECT TITLES

Opening to A Clockwork Orange 1980 VHS [WCI Home Video]

Merry Christmas! | Closing: https://youtu.be/02LU8LM5Eo8 Tape distributor: WCI Home Video | Original pressing [ULTRA RARE] | No print date [end label] The list of previews: 1. FBI warning screen 2. 1980 WCI Home Video logo [prototype logo to the more familiar variant from Warner Home Video] 3. Warner Bros. in-credit logo [with a strange Warner Communications byline, must have been created to hide the reference to Kinney National] 4. Start of the film [the music had to be muted due to terminal copyright issues] Artwork & photography: © 1971 Warner Bros. Inc. Package design & summary: © 1980 WCI Home Video Inc.

Abstract WB intro (1965)

Used on 1965-67 cartoons, From Just Plane Beep on Cartoon Network HD.

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