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I Bought The Most EXPENSIVE Video Game Console Ever Made!

I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE ever made! . Welcome back Kops! Today we are back with a brand new video, I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE ever made! My Elgato Capture Card!

Let's Talk About the PS5 and Xbox 2

The Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox 2 are starting to pop up at E3 2018 but is it time for next gen game consoles? The Ultimate PlayStation Comparison: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

SKATE 2 is better than SKATE 3

▲▲▲ Subscribe ▲▲▲ This video points out the things Skate 2 did better than Skate 3. Skate 3 sure has some greater features (new tricks, custom Parks etc.) but there are many parts in which Skate 3 got worse. Overall the whole game doesn't feel so alive in comparisson to Skate 2. Skate 2 has a greater love to detail, realism and overall gameplay value. There has always been something I missed when I played Skate 3 and this video shows excactly why I feel so. Skate 3 still is a great game and I surely will continue to upload skate 3 videos. This video is just something I always wanted to make. If you enjoyed the video be sure to drop a Like and comment for more comparissons and other Skate 3 Content :) This video is inspired by Crowbcat's ,,GTA IV is better than GTA V" video. Crowbcat: Twitter: Songs : NoGht - After Dark [long] M83 - Outro

Star Trek 4 Loses Pine and Hemsworth - The Rise and Fall of The Kelvin Timeline

On Friday, August 10th of 2018, The Hollywood Reporter broke the scoop that both Chris Hemsworth, and worse yet, Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine, had walked away from the negotiation table, putting Star Trek 4 in peril. And they may not be the last to go. Rather than merely a bargaining tactic, this is symptomatic of the troubled production history the Kelvin Timeline Star Trek films have endured, despite their arguably strong start in 2009. In this video, we will take a brief look back at that production history, why the future of the Kelvin Timeline started looking uncertain following Star Trek Beyond, the planned Star Trek 4, why Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth dropped out of it, and finally, the rumored Quentin Tarantino directed Star Trek movie. The relation between Star Trek Discovery and the Picard series: Please share, like, subscribe, and follow us on… Facebook: Twitter: @Midnights_Edge And support us on Patreon for cool extra features:

A new skateboarding game is coming to Xbox One and PC.

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