Nextion - Простая метеостанция

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Упрощаем модуль сбора данных. Новый дисплей

Дисплей покупал тут: Адрес который дал продавец: Скетч для ESP8266: Прошивка для дисплея: Библиотека Nextion для Arduino:

Метеостанция на Arduino mega nrf24l01+ цветной tft дисплей 3,5 дюйма

Метеостанция на Arduino nrf24l01+ цветной tft дисплей 3,5 дюйма Скетч и библиотеки: яндекс диск: перезалил Все что нужно для сборки: модуль приема-передатчика: отличный паяльник nakko t12: контроллер зарядки аккумулятора: барометр: модуль реального времени: контроллер nano3: внешний датчик температуры: датчик температуры и влажности: ЖК экран+MEGA 2560 R3: Отличный мультиметр для походных условий Fluke 107: Еще мультиметр для походных условий Richmeters RM102: #метеостанция#Arduino#arduino#nrf24l01+# цветной tft дисплей 3,5 дюйма#

Часы с датой, температурой и влажностью из старого телефона.

Всем привет! Думаю у большинства любей дома найдется сломанный мобильный телефон китайского производства. Сегодня мы попробуем из этого старого телефона сделать крутые часы, которые будут показывать не только время, но так же дату, температуру в помещении и влажность! Нам понадобятся часы реального времени DS1307 ( и датчик температуры и влажности DHT22 ( В качестве дисплея я применяю дисплей от китайского телефона, 3.2" контроллер ILI9481. Скетч, схемы и правленная библиотека UTFT: Библиотека DS1307, которую я использовал: Как подключить дисплей от мобильного телефона: Друзья, поддержите канал! R340967932571 Z422687519909 U139735106020 4149625807630874 Приват Банк (Украина) Полезные ссылки: DS1307 RTC : DHT22: Самые дешевые Ардуино Про Мини для поделок: HC-SR04: Диммеры: BMP280: WS2812B: Блок питания 5V 3A: Мощный БП 5V 3A: TFT дисплеи: Ардуино Мега 2560: Макетка: Перемычки: Качественные перемычки: Самый удобный Кешбек: LetyShops: Самый выгодный Кешбек на алиекспресс: Ecomerce:

Nextion or Nah?

Get professional PCBs for low prices from --~-- In this video we look a unique LCD display, the Nextion from Itead. It is a TFT touchscreen display that uses only two pins to communicate with it's host. DIYmall Nextion 2.4 -

Nextion Review: Build a Weather Station with Arduino a Nextion Display from

In this video we review the 3.2" Nextion display, a very useful touch display for our Arduino and ESP8266 projects. Hello guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel that is all about DIY electronics projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 and other popular boards. In this video we are going to use this Nextion display with Arduino and the Wemos D1 mini board. We are going to see what it offers, what makes it different from the other touch displays and we are going to build a simple weather station with it. Let's start. When I published the video about my top 5 Arduino displays a lot of the viewers suggested that I should try the Nextion displays as well. There are a lot of Nextion displays. The smaller one is the 2.4" inch display, and the larger one is the 7" display. I decided to try the 3.2" Nextion display. It costs around 23$ and website was kind enough to provide me a sample unit in order to test it and share my opinion about it with you. You can find a link for it in the description of the video. As we said before this is a 3.2" touch screen and it offers a resolution a 400x240 pixels. At the back we can see that there is a 4 pin connector and an SD card slot. We only need connect 4 wires to make it work. Let's power it up at once. I connect the Red wire to 5V and the Black wire to GND on this small board which comes with the display. Next, I connect the board to a 5V power bank. As you can see, the display turns on, and we can use the demo program that is preloaded. -------------------- WHERE TO BUY -------------------- Nextion Display: Arduino Uno: Wemos D1 mini: DHT22 Sensor: Small Breadboard: Wires: Power Bank: Full disclosure: All of the links above are affiliate links. I get a small percentage of each sale they generate. Thank you for your support! -------------------- NEXTION EDITOR -------------------- -------------------- LIBRARIES -------------------- 📥 DHT22 Library: We connect a DHT22 temperature sensor to an Arduino Uno. We use Digital Pin 2 as the output pin of the sensor. We also connect Tx pin of the Arduino to the Rx pin of the Nextion Display and the Rx of the Arduino to the Tx pin of the Nextion display. We provide power to the sensor and the Nextion display and we are ready to load the code to Arduino. The code of the Arduino is very simple. We get the temperature from the sensor every two seconds, and then we create two commands to send to the Nextion display in order to update the screen with the new values. We then write those commands to the serial port, using the Serial.print command. It is that easy! Each Nextion command must end with a special character which is sent using the endNextionCommand function I have created. Our first Nextion project is ready, a simple weather station. As always you can find the code of the project, both the Nextion code and the Arduino code in the description of the video below. -------------------- CODE OF THE PROJECT -------------------- 📥 -------------------- FACT OR FICTION 2018 Quiz Game -------------------- You can download my latest Android Game which is called Fact or Fiction 2018 here: 📥 -------------------- MORE PROJECTS -------------------- Arduino Datalogger: Arduino Weather Station Project: Arduino Nokia 5110 LCD Display: Arduino OLED display tutorial: DIY Arduino: -------------------- ABOUT EDUC8S.TV -------------------- is a Youtube channel and website which is dedicated in developing high quality videos about DIY hardware and software projects. In this channel we develop projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, we build robots and simple electronic circuits. Check out our website as well for more information: -------------------- SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE -------------------- Never miss a video:

Nextion - Простая метеостанция
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2.4 "дюймовый HMI Nextion TFT ЖК-Дисплей -
Часы реального времени Ds3231 -
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