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Eye of the Stalker: A Moment of Truth Movie (1995)

When a student confides to her guidance counsellor that the high school principal has been sexually harassing her, the guidance counsellor attempts to have t.



The Marva Collins TRUE Story - Great TEACHER Movie!!

Get Free Education Options Newsletter: Learn more: Tickets for 2017 Education Options Expo Join us on Saturday, March 25, 2017 The true story of an educational champion, Marva Collins, who created a school in her house and changed the lives of hundreds of young people. (Feat. Morgan Freeman as Clarence)

Ron Clark's Second Appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show

When Angels Come to Town (2004) with Peter Falk

This is another RARE Christmas movie. This is part of a trilogy that is impossible to find. This is the 3rd film of the trilogy. Please see my other videos for the 1st and 2nd. Peter Falk is featured in the trilogy of Christmas TV movies in which he plays Max, the underestimated angel that works to bring people together for the holiday. All three movies are uplifting Christmas stories that include the angel Max who usually takes on several guises to provide the main characters the support and encouragement they need to do the right thing. There's usually a touch of magic and the feeling of fate's hand guiding people in the right direction. Falk's Max is eccentric, all-knowing and persistent--not unlike Columbo. It's a real treat to see his familiar face and his way of doing what he does best--in these feel-good holiday stories. This, the third TV movie, is 2004's When Angels Come to Town which stars Katey Sagal. This story centers on two people in a small town who both need help this Christmas. The angel Max attempts to help each of them but another angel, Jo, played by Sagal, believes that Max's efforts are mistaken.

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