Shocking Easter Eggs in Kid Games Analyzed & Ranked

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5 Most Chilling Video Game Easter Eggs, Mysteries, and Discoveries

In the spirit of the winter holiday season, today we've diving into the coldest, most chilling video game easter eggs, mysteries and discoveries ever found. Discord: Pateron: Games Featured - SPOILERS Fable II Virtua Fighter 3TB Banjo Kazooie Donkey Kong 64 Final Fantasy VII and IV Clip and References Fable II - Winter Lodge Mystery Virtua Fighter 3TB - Strange Snowman Dude Banjo Kazooie - Ice Key Mysteries and DK64 Connection Final Fantasy VII - Hidden Aries Dialogue Thumbnail artwork by Phlvy Special thanks to Jeff Dawson, Orange Velocity, Cassandra Maria, Anatachi, Phlvy, and Retro Plus for their contributions to this video. #oddheader Music From Oddheader:

10 Hidden Game Discoveries Never Meant to be Found

Sometimes a developer hides something in a game with complete certainty no one would be able to find it. But with the use of exploits, hacks, glitches, and clever investigation, gamers managed to find them anyway. Discord: Pateron: Games Featured -SPOILERS- Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts Crash Bandicoot 3 Unreal Tournament 2004 Hitman Blood Money Time Splitters 2 Slender The Arrival Life is Strange Bioshock Half Life 2 Jade Empire Special thanks to FluffRave, PixelPixel1234, and Orange Velocity for their contributions. For render work by PixelPixel1234, you can reach him on our discord server! Clips and References - SPOILERS Crash 3 Exploit - Belko FUERTE and Mohammed Alassaf Unreal Tournament 2004 Ballistic Weapons Soulblade950 Hitman "Allan Please Add Details" - JoesGuy TimeSpiltters 2 "Is that too loud" - Time0to0spilt Slender the Arrival "Not Even a Bug" - RapticGaming Life Is Strange David T-Pose - @$$h0Ie Physics Half Life 2 Error - TheHushedGamer and weaver cris Jade Empire Exploit Easter Egg - Thirsty Wraith #oddheader Music From Oddheader:

10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos

Watching sneezing pandas and cats on skateboards is a great reason for the internet existing. But there is also a much much weirder side of the web that we just can't explain. Click to Subscribe.. FAQ's: What editing software do we use?: What mic do we use for our voice overs?: What camera do we use to film?: What computer do we edit on?: Check out the best of Alltime10s - Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: Twitter:

WEEB TEAM SIX | Rainbow Six Siege

FOLLOW ME HERE ▼ ➧ Twitter: ➧ Twitch: ➧ Discord: ➧MY SETUP: ➧SHIRTS: Additional Songs: 1) This video is about the Rainbow Six Siege operator Echo that I've been playing during operation chimera. You should probably know that anime is for nerds. Seriously, it should all be thrown in the trash. It was a mistake.


To be honest I'm very proud of this video, probably one of my favorites! I hope you enjoyed the memes MODS: Undertwo: Shaq: Squidward: Clod: Club Penguin: Outro by: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MERCH: Use Code: "KEN" for 10% off all GFuel/ITAM products! GFuel: ITAM: Patreon: MUSIC: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch: Twitter: Recorded With: Elgato HD60 Edited With: Sony Vegas Pro 14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patreon Supporters: $50 Nate G. Smile Wolf $25 Aarun V. $10 Collin W. Maybebrady Matt A. Isaac H. $5 Dravein Zetsuboyz Savion Chad S. Goat Animates Julian G. Zack B. $1 Christopher W. Hayden M. Nathan N. MatthewIng Luis E. MadderJacker Elisha D. Roman Wesleym3 Kwon Dr._WhoLock99 Artin. G SMASH 4 MEME MODS #SmashBros #Memes #Ninkendo

I think we've all seen something in one of our favorite childhood video games that felt a little out of place, unnecessarily dark, or just outright inappropriate. In this video I rank, dissect, explore and explain the top ten most unbelievably inappropriate, darkest, most surprisingly risqué easter eggs and hidden content that were hidden inside of your favorite childhood games.

Please let me know what you've found in a video game that deeply disturbed you! Leave a comment or join the discord server:

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Games featured (SPOILERS)
The Lion King
Freddie Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Secret Writer's Society
California Speed
The Apprentice

References and Resources:
Dead Hands Zelda

Spiderman Password Easter Egg

Freddie Fish Scene

Harvest Moon 444 Easter Egg

Banjo Tooie Rock Structure

Splatoon Creepy Audio

Secret Writer's Society Language (gameplay)
Easter Egg Credit: The Obscurity

California Speed Disturbing Billboard Easter Egg

California Speed Article I Wrote

The Apprentice Easter Egg - HalfBlindGamer

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