Samaya - Fusion Alchemist (Tribal Trap / Global Bass / Psy-Dub / Eastern / Glitch-Hop Mixtape)

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Samaya - Shamanic Elixir Mixtape ( World Music / Shamanic Downtempo / Cumbia / Spiritual )

Come.. Come closer.. And drink.. Take it slow, but take it.. Drink the jungle.. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and listen.. Hear the leaves rustling in the wind. Birds of paradise welcome you with their song. Distant drum beats are coming closer and closer.. Sacred healing chants echos all around you and inner visions starting to appear. You awaken from the slumber that was your life. Universal energies are flowing through your body. You feel the sensation of love and oneness embracing your soul. You are home. You are one. Enjoy my latest mix in this genre that I will promote more on this channel. Hope you'll like it :) Artwork: Cameron Gray ♫ Download: ♫ Check out and support Samaya Much love for the artists for making this amazing music! Lido PImienta - Humano (El Búho Humano en la Selva Edit) 00:00 Kurup – Rio Azul 04:06 Steffen Kirchhoff – Gaia 07:57 Kusht - Voodoo Love MOON EDIT 12:31 Kurup - Surf na Mata 16:53 Klangstrom – Macaw 21:09 P.r.Λ.Λ.H - Chamada (Steffen Kirchhoff remix) 26:10 Thomash & Projeto Mujique – Cosmossamba 31:10 Barda – Abrazo 37:30 Nicola Cruz – Colibria 40:25 Oceanvs Orientalis - It's All About Six Days War 47:02 Lobkowitz - Mount Sannine 51:58 Nicola Cruz – Invocacion 59:00 Chancha Via Circuito - Suen^o en Paraguay (El Bu'ho Remix) 01:01:03 Paloma del Cerro - Nos habla el maíz (Nicola Cruz Remix) 01:04:10 Baru – Lost 01:07:47 Lorie - Harika Gece 01:13:02 Pigmalião – Sahel 80:00 01:20:00 Dandara & Arutani - Adio Querido 01:24:00 Tomanka – Caravela 92:48 01:32:48 Pigmalião - Banzo De Muri Mast 01:36:20 Atimos – Organismo 99:48 01:39:48 Rlhbslcn - Kottonkandy 01:44:54 Spaniol - Rio Tapajós Na Paulicéia 01:49:59 Rodrigo Gallardo,Spaniol, Niju – Manquemapu 01:54:10 Paloma del Cerro - Silencio fértil (Matanza Remix) 01:58:56 Dandara - Rimas Y Leyendas (feat. Arutäni) Geju - Farfalle su vacanza 02:07:50 Lobkowitz - Lichens (MunBashir Rework) 02:15:25 Jota Karloza - Alap In Raga (Flute Edit) 02:21:31

SUDUAYA "Venus" [Full Album] (Altar Records) Venus by SUDUAYA Get all 4 SUDUAYA releases available on Bandcamp and save 25%. 01.Astronaut Ape - Universalis (Suduaya remix) 02.Suduaya - Nomad 03.Suduaya - Venus 04.Suduaya - Fractals 05.Suduaya - Catalan Wind 06.Suduaya & Cydelix - Diamond Dust 07.Suduaya - Lampyris 08.Suduaya - The Muse 09.Suduaya - Knots of Eternity 10.Suduaya - Baku about: Louis aka Suduaya is not only a great musician always on tour. He's also an amazing being, a very nice altruist person. You surely have crossed paths in person with him in a festival somewhere on earth. This is surely why his music appeals the good in so many of us. Also this is maybe why his music does good things on the soul and refreshes our senses. With his latest offering to the music world, "Venus" draws us into a futuristic place where energies are pure pulses of light and where nature takes shape with beautiful melodies...Here we can learn to open our hearts to the potentials of life and let the world soften us. From ambient realms, driving basslines, enchanting and purifying melodies, enter the world of Venus, a place of good fortune and prosperity gifted by virtue. SUDUAYA 'Venus' merch available now : When released, a free bonus file of the cover will be available with the download files. The dimension is 25x25 in (7500px) at 300 DPI resolution. The file is 40Mb. credits releases December 15, 2016 Produced and written with much love by Suduaya aka Louis-David Roquefere : Artwork by Sean Kyle Allum: 24Bits mastering by Dj Zen at Altar Records Studios, Canada: Suduaya logo by Gábor Varga: Track 1 W&P by Oleg Belousov, remixed by Suduaya Track 6 W&P by Suduaya & Cydelix aka George Deligiannis |ARCDA63|

Thievery Corporation - Treasures From the Temple [Full Album Stream]

Full, continues audio stream of Thievery Corporation's 2018 release, "Treasures From the Temple." GET THE ALBUM: TRACK PLAYLIST: // ABOUT THE ALBUM // Released on April 20, 2018, Thievery Corporation's "Treasures from the Temple" is a follow-up LP to the band’s chart-topping 2017 album, Temple of I & I. The 12-track compendium includes a trove of original recordings and remixes from the band’s Temple sessions at Geejam Studios in Port Antonio, Jamaica with vocal appearances by LouLou Ghelichkhani, Mr. Lif, Sitali, Racquel Jones, Natalia Clavier and Notch. // GET TREASURES FROM THE TEMPLE// // FOLLOW THIEVERY CORPORATION //

Medieval/Shaman/Pagan/Mythological Playlist

0:00 The Ritual - Chris Thomas 2:09 Aijö - Varttina 6:31 Raven - Hedningarna 10:59 Summoning the Gods - Trobar de Morte 15:10 Ai vist lo lop - Hollóének Hungarica 18:44 Schiarazula marazuIa - Goffanon 21:50 Í Tokuni - Eivor 25:19 Rúnatal Ódins Rune Song - An Danzza 29:40 Sztoj pa moru - Laboratorium Piesni 33:16 Sólyom dal (Falkon Song) - Attila Heffner 35:33 I Riden Sa - Gjallarhorn 40:09 Völuspá - Duivelspack 44:48 Drums and Flute - ???

Samaya - Magic Carpet Ride Mixtape (World Music / Middle Eastern / Shamanic Downtempo)

"Delve into the newest mix from Samaya, exploring slow n steady ethnic house & techno music with influence from the Middle East and North Africa. In over 90 minutes, carefully hand-woven textiles of aural silk are emulsified in harmony, forming a tapestry of sound that spans across yester-millenia's worth of culture and passion from the Near East." - Outtalectuals Download: Artwork: The Flying carpet by Viktor Vasnetsov (1880) ♫ Check out and support Samaya Much love for the artists for making this amazing music! The Watcher - Chinmaya Dunster (Jati Div Remixe) Mercan Dede - Napas (ismet&Sha lee Edit) Lena Chamamyan - Love in Damascus (Lannka Remix) Tolga Maktay - Kuytu (Original Mix) Batu Ozer – Magus Stanisha – Suddenly Ceminse – Rahamana Dübelu & Philip Chedid - Akasha (Armen Miran Remix) Yor Kultura - Black Market Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Valeron Remix) Tamara Montenegro - Elevación Boozooks - Zerzura feat. Tobias Grießbach Coss – Masala MAALIK - Gurd Caravana – LamatUuc Timboletti - Sunrise Express Lannka – Eudaimonia Cemince - Autumn in Middle East Ft. Kaan Tanriverdi

Come, and follow us on a psychedelic journey around the world through a fusion of styles drenched in ethnic sounds , guided by rattling rhythms and pounding bass drums!

Follow the white rabbit..


♫ Check out and support Samaya

Artwork: “Dharma Dragon” by Andriod Jones

00:00 Byzantine Time Machine - Adventure in Istanbul
03:09 David Starfire - Lapis (feat. Shri)
05:45 Sorrow - Mandolin Man
09:41 Stööki Sound – Endz
12:07 Steal This – Khanjar
15:48 david starfire - Osi (feat. HÄANA)
19:18 CloZee – Silver Wound
20:53 Skope - Control Tower
24:52 Mura Masa – Lotus Eater (IGOR Remix)
27:27 Of the Trees & DELTAnine – Auru
31:11 Sixis & Shwex - Continuity Field
36:37 Alphant - Babtoo (Original Mix)
38:50 CharlestheFirst - Blue Sun
39:40 Kermode - Bliss (The Digital Connection Remix)
45:13 DELTAnine - Temporal Feedback
47:10 Fly My Voice - Warsaw Village Band (SOOHAN Remix)
50:44 Ivy Lab – Berlusconi
53:35 SOOHAN - Clouds of Dankness
57:00 Morillo - Bobo Shanti Feat. JoaqoPelli
1:02:05 Morillo – Tribe
1:06:00 Lil'Fish and LTRGK - Bomb Fall
1:08:55 SOOHAN - Story of Pingala - Karnamrita (SOOHAN Remix)
1:12:07 Morillo - Rhythm Alchemist
1:16:13 David Starfire - Shock (feat. Ragga Twins)
1:19:41 David Starfire - Reflection (feat. Irina Mikhailova) (Kaya Project remix)
1:24:06 The Clerk feat. Milangeles - The Clerk feat. Milangeles - Zion's Speech


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