Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Details and More! ID@Xbox Showcase - IGN Live E3 2018

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107 Cuphead Facts YOU Should Know!!! | The Leaderboard

Enter Our Weekly Console Giveaway here: and subscribe to The Leaderboard → We dive deeper into Cuphead, we’ll explore the animation art gameplay, the making of the game, easter eggs, secrets, review bosses and soo much more you should know in 107 Cuphead Facts! Crazy Fact: The developers came up with over 150 different designs for cuphead Sign up for EMAIL UPDATES Check out our OVERWATCH videos See our SIMS videos Watch our BATTLE ROYALE videos Explore our CUPHEAD videos Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don't miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! We have a dotcom! Tweet Us on TWITTER Heart Us on INSTAGRAM Touch Us on FACEBOOK Do NOT forget to visit our YouTube friends! Channel Frederator - Cartoon Hangover - Want to tell us something? Write an email. Want to work at Frederator? See our job openings and internships. --------------------------------------------------- Credits: Researched by: Joshua Schwartz, Shelby Peake Written by: Shelby Peake Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson Edited by: Caleb Pryor Graphics and Thumbnail by: Vijay Bhat, Alexandria Batchelor Programming Manager: Cade Hiser Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen Music Provided by Epidemic Sound: ES_Bossa Dance - Niklas Ahlström.mp3 ES_New York Chase - Niklas Ahlström.mp3 ES_New York Chase 2 - Niklas Ahlström.mp3 ES_Showbiz Gala 1 - Magnus Ringblom.mp3 ES_Showbiz Gala 3 - Magnus Ringblom.mp3 ES_Showbiz Gala 5 - Magnus Ringblom.mp3 ES_Stompin Jazz Night 1 - Magnus Ringblom.mp3 ES_Stompin Jazz Night 2 - Magnus Ringblom.mp3 ES_Stompin Jazz Night 3 - Magnus Ringblom.mp3 Your Home For Video Game Facts! The Leaderboard offers fascinating insights, development history, tips & tricks, the latest in news and commentary about your favorite games past and present. We cover a mix of AAA titles and indie releases with compelling characters and deep stories. We upload about 7 times a week Chat with us on Discord (The Leaderboard Fam)

Is it Possible to Upload an Impossible Level in Super Mario Maker?

For years, I've been trying to upload an impossible level in Super Mario Maker. But no matter what I tried, uploading an impossible level, was seemingly impossible in Super Mario Maker. Until recently, because recently I learned about a couple of really interesting glitches and tricks in Super Mario Maker, that could be useful when trying to do the impossible. In this video we are going to recreate my journey to create a completely impossible Super Mario Maker level. We will take a look at a couple of different things, I and other people tried over the years to trick nintendo's system, and in the end we will finally find out, if it is possible to upload a stage in Super Mario Maker that is truly impossible to beat. -------------------- The impossible from Checkpoint video by ReflectivistFox The Impossible Weird Mushroom Level video by Smash Boss ------------------ --------------------Credits for the Music-------------------------- ------Holfix HolFix - Beyond The Kingdom ------Kevin MacLeod "Adventure Meme", “Amazing Plan”, “March of the Spoons”, “The Builder”, “Snowdrop” Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

7 Times a Game Over was More Fun than Winning (Does This Make Us Bad People?)

When a Game Over scenario is even more entertaining than beating the game properly, how can we be expected to play by the rules?! Here are seven Game Overs we preferred to whatever it is we were supposed to be doing. --- Outside Xtra is a companion channel to Outside Xbox, covering the wider world of gaming with weekly lists, Let's Plays and shows with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Look for regular appearances by OG Outside Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and generally more of the videos you love, about more of the platforms you enjoy, from a team now two people larger overall. Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at Subscribe to us at Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Put a t-shirt on your body

All Cuphead Bosses Defeated In 24 Minute Speedrun

Watch as speedrunner "TheMexicanRunner" takes down every single boss in Cuphead in record breaking time. Note: Hosting of this video was allowed by its original owner. Curious about the rules of this speedrun? Check out the leaderboard here for more info: For more from TheMexicanRunnner, make sure to follow him on his various channels: Twitch - YouTube - Watch more speedruns here! Subscribe to IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:

How Cuphead's Devs Gambled On A Dream | The Making of Cuphead

From remortgaging their homes to selling a million copies, here's the story of how two brothers with no experience went on to make Cuphead, one the biggest surprise hits of 2017. Intro title cards by CIH Studios: More Cuphead from GameSpot! Cuphead Review: How to Unlock Cuphead’s Secret Modes: Cuphead’s Expert Mode Bosses Are Insane (Gameplay): Cuphead Playlist: Subscribe to GameSpot! Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - Video Game Trailers - Movies, TV, & Comics - Gameplay & Guides - Mobile Gaming -

Find out what indie games are making their way to Xbox One this year in this ID @Xbox showcase, featuring Cuphead, Tunic, and more!

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