Gaming is one of the most popular industries in the whole economy, it brings in billions of dollars every single year. It is often given a bad name and blamed for children being violent, for children underperforming academically and it has even been blamed for influencing school shooters to act the way that they do. However, none of this is true. There have been studies into children who play video games vs children who don’t play video games and those who play video games were no more violent than their counterparts. Studies have actually revealed that playing video games, in moderation, can be great for a child’s development., they have been shown to improve a child’s coordination, memory and it can even increase their brain functions. There are plenty of popular games out there that kids love to play and many kids become obsessed with them and dedicate a lot of time towards playing them. One of the most popular games at the moment is Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a free-to-play game produced by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is a battle royale game and it is one of the hardest of its kind, luckily there are lots of ways you can make winning at apex easier as there are plenty of helpful tricks and tips online. There are plenty of characters to play as on Apex Legends and we’ve analyzed them and chosen who we think are the strongest.

Apex Characters

Apex Legends is a complex battle royale game, there is so much to the game that each character needs to have a variety of skills to be successful at the game. Each character in Apex Legends has a different set of skills to the others, some of the skills and abilities that the characters have include tracking skills, a tactical eye to temporarily see hidden enemies, a protective dome, a medic quality to help revive teammates, and a voice that warns you when danger is coming. This is only a small selection of the skills that the various characters possess. Apex Legends is a team game so once you’ve decided on your preferred style of playing, eg if you enjoy playing as the medic type character, then you should try and find a team who compliment your skills, so someone who would want to attack while you hold back and revive the rest of the team. There are plenty of combinations between characters that work and make a group successful, so have fun and play about with your options.

Strongest Apex Characters

Choosing who the strongest characters are in Apex Legends is a difficult decision to make as each character is so unique it can often be difficult to compare them to each other. As it is a team game you can’t just base this off the power of each character’s abilities but you also have to consider how these abilities interact with other characters and their abilities. We’ve rated Bloodhound as the strongest Apex character as they can move fast and see hidden things which is the best quality in a battle royale game. Next, the 2nd best character we rated is Gibraltar, they are a great team player as they have fantastic protection qualities but also possess defensive bombardment qualities which can help those on the team who are attacking. Pathfinder is the next best Apex character as it’s the perfect character to get anyone in the team out of a sticky situation as they can create a zipline for any other player to move out of danger.