Genshin Impact is a game that has taken the world by storm, amassing hundreds of thousands of new players every day. Its rise to success doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, so what about the players who wish to see their level rise up in a similar way? This can be tricky without the proper tricks to set you apart from other players. Leveling up in Genshin Impact doesn’t have to be hard, and you can give yourself a headstart when you buy a strong Genshin Impact account from sites such as IG items.

Hunting Bosses

One of the easiest ways to level up your Genshin Impact account is to hunt down bosses within the game. Genshin Impact is full of fun and involves boss battles that will keep you engaged and keep your account leveling up. As long as you have enough Original Reisin, you can hunt as many bosses as you want and keep on claiming the rewards. By going through the Adventure Book you can see multiple field bosses to hunt down. Look for bosses with the Adventure EXP marking to ensure you are hunting down the right foes.

Fighting bosses in Genshin Impact is a lot harder than fighting Elite Enemies; each Genshin Impact boss requires a unique strategy to take down. However, before getting to each boss consider looking up a thorough guide on how to take down that foe. By going into the battle prepared, you can make short work of the fight and then chain more battles in your day. Working your way through Genshin Impact bosses is an easy and fun way to learn more about the game and level up your account.

Daily Commissions

Working through these daily tasks is an excellent way to farm more XP for your character. Each player is assigned 4 daily commissions that are specific to the region assigned to your character. These commissions are unlocked by reaching level 12, but if you’ve already purchased a stronger Genshin Impact account this should not be a problem. These commissions are viewable from the Adventurer’s Log and provide a decent amount of Adventurer’s EXP for your account. After completing all 4 commissions, returning back to the Adventurer’s Guild will provide new rewards for you to claim. Companionship XP is also doubled when playing in Co-op mode.

Completing Domains

Domains are split into two categories, Challenge and Trounce Domains. By completing all the challenges within a set domain you are awarded various materials, items, and Adventurer EXP. Rushing through these Domains will maximize the amount of EXP that is on offer to you, with 500 being available for every completed Domain. These domains can be farmed to keep a constant stream of EXP coming into your account. The first Domain is available to you by level 12, and rushing to this level is worth the grind. There are simpler Domains that offer up 100 Adventurer EXP through completion.

Recurring Domains such as Cecilia Gardens that are available at level 16 are perfect for farming. The Domain is located in Wolvendom in Mondstatd, and is a Recurring Domain to grind. After working through these repeatable farming domains, your goal will be to move up to completing an Abysall Domain. These domains will unlock through your Adventurer Rank and will provide a massive boost to your adventurer EXP. These Domains require Resin for you to progress through, so it is important to look up a successful farming guide to ensure you have enough.

Completing Story

Playing through Genshin Impact’s story is an excellent way to build up Adventurer EXP while playing through the game. Genshin Impact’s story missions provide massive EXP boosts that will greatly increase your level, and the difficulty will depend on your Adventurer Rank. A benefit of leveling through Genshin Impact’s story is the range of EXP you will be gaining. The various EXP you will collect through the storyline will make sure your account is leveling up in all the right areas. Genshin Impact also has a great storyline that will keep you occupied and leveling up. Be sure to grab some friends to ensure you are also leveling your Co-Op EXP.


Genshin Impact is a game that is made for you to invest plenty of hours and be awarded for it. By reaching higher levels, more content is unlocked for you to play through. Keep grinding through Genshin Impact’s gameplay and you’ll be well rewarded for it.